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Air Base Extension

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Thanks to the specially developed Loxone Air wireless technology, the Air Base Extension makes retrofitting easy! 

  • perfect for retrofitters
  • easy integration
  • high range
  • low energy consumption
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Easy To Install Anywhere

Living Room With Wireless Automation

Perfect For Retrofitting

The Loxone Air Base extension was developed for connecting wireless devices within the home and provides the ideal basis for retrofitters! 

Easily Extendable

With a single Loxone Air Base Extension, you can integrate up to 128 Air-enabled devices to your smart home. This gives you the flexibility to incorporate future retrofit projects and brand new Loxone 'Air' products when they are released.

Cool Products

The Smart Socket Air is our first 'Air'-enabled product. We have more products currently in development which have been designed specifically for retrofitters. Sign up to keep up to date with our latest developments.

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Perfect for Retrofitting

Loxone Miniserver + Air Base Extension Makes Your Home Smart

Easily Installed

The Loxone Air Base Extension (like all Air Products) can be installed in just a few steps by your Loxone Partner.

Step 1: Plug In

Connect your Loxone Air Base to the Miniserver and plug in your wireless devices.

Step 2: Click

Configure your wireless devices with only a few clicks in Loxone Config.

Step 3: Play

Your Air devices are now ready to go!

Itegrated Loxone Air Technnology

Loxone Air uses a mesh network to allow a much greater coverage area than other wireless standards. So no matter how big your retrofit project is, Loxone Air has got it covered!


Certified by NRTL

Loxone upholds to the highest quality standards for the products we offer. Therefore our products are tested by OSHA’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program. Similar to the UL certificate, the NRTL certificate guarantees that our products exceeds the requirement of electrical standards throughout the US. Some of our products like the Air Base Extension are listed through NRTL as accessories. Be assured that you are receiving the best quality products that meet the highest safety standards.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 35.5 x 88 x 57 mm
Power supply: 24V DC
Operating temperature: 0 - 55°C
SPower consumption: <150 mW
Frequency: 868 MHz
Supports up to 128 Air devices

Included In Delivery

  • 1 x Air Base Extension
  • 1 x Antenna
$ 113.00
Incl. 0% Tax, excl. shipping