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DALI Extension

Item no.: 100200

The DALI Extension enables the flexible and intelligent control of DALI fittings and drivers. 

  • Seamless integration of DALI fittings and fixtures into your Loxone Smart Home
  • Control up to 64 DALI devices
  • Supports up to 16 DALI groups
  • Easy and quick configuration with Loxone Config
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Many manufactures of light fittings use DALI as a control interface for their products. To ensure that you do not have to compromise when chosing your favourite fittings for your lighting scheme our DALI Extension provides the seamless integration for DALI lights in your Loxone Smart Home. 

Quick and Easy Setup

The integration of the DALI Extension in your Loxone System is simple as always! DALI light fittings and drivers are automatically discovered using the search in Loxone Config and hence the complete configuration can be completed in mere minutes. Within minutes you will have setup flexibile and intelligent lighting system to create the perfect lights for any occasion. 

Flexible and Extendable

A single DALI Extension can control up to 64 DALI devices (16 groups). Should this not be enough then you can of course simply connect another DALI Extension to your Miniserver to expand your installaton. The DALI Extension supports the device types 0 (flourecent lights), 3 (LV halogen) and 6 (LEDs). 

Technical Details

Supported Devices: Type 0 - Fluorescent, Type 3 - LV Halogen, Type 6 - LEDs
Measurements: 34 x 85 x 49 mm (T2 Case)
Power Supply: 24VDC (min. 12VDC max. 30VDC)
Power Consumption: max. 3.2W with 64 connected devices
Operating Temperature: 0 - 55°C
1x DALI Interface: Control of up to 64 devices (16 groups)
Max. Cable Length: Up to 300m using 1,5mm2
Integrated switchable power supply
Conforms to IEC 62386-101:2009

Included in Delivery

  • 1x DALI Extension
  • 1x Quick Connection Guide
$ 499.00
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