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Damper 0-10V

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Enjoy intelligent room temperature control with motorized HVAC Dampers through Loxone.This way you cut down energy costs and much more.

  • Motorized round HVAC damper with 0-10V
  • Presence-based Autopilot heating & cooling
  • Each room at the right temperature
  • For individual heating schedules
  • Easy Damper Control Installation
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Get out more of your HVAC System

By integrating motorized HVAC Dampers you can connect your HVAC System to your Loxone Miniserver. Get a fully-fledged self-learning and easy to use heating and cooling control. It gives you the perfect temperature throughout the day - while keeping the energy bills low.

Presence-based Autopilot heating & cooling

The Loxone Smart Home turns on the heating or cooling just when somebody is in the room. If there is no movement for more than 30 minutes, the temperature will automatically be lowered. With this automatic away mode you can save a ton of energy without losing comfort.

Intelligent tempered - Room by room

A perfect heating and cooling system offers you individual temperatures in each room: Kitchen 69°, Living room 72°, Bed room 63°. By using a Damper Control the rooms will be at the right temperature at the right time of day.

Individual heating schedules

In our free Smart Home Software, Loxone Config, you can set up individual heating schedules for all days of the week. And you don’t even have to stand up from the couch and walk to all your thermostats. Just change the heating time within our Loxone App at your Smartphone or PC.

Easy Damper installation

Watch the video of damper control in our showhome to learn more about the easy installation of dampers in any home.

Technical Data

Voltage: 24VDC
Interface: 0-10V (for connecting to analogue outputs from your Miniserver or Extension)
Normally closed 0V = fully closed; 10V = fully open
Diameter: 6", 7", 8", 10" available (other sizes on request)
Wires to motor: 3
Indication LED's: Red LED is ON - The damper is at fully closed position.
Green LED is ON -The damper is at fully open position.
Ambient Temperature: -58...104°F / -50...40°C
Power Consumption: 0.3W standby; 3.4W when driving
$ 80.00
Incl. 0% Tax, excl. shipping