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Temperature, Humidity & CO2 Sensor

Item no.: 200017

The combination sensor consists of a CO2, temperature, and a humidity sensor. The enclosure is suitable for a indoor in homes and/ or office. 

  • Control indoor air quality by capturing the CO2 level in a room
  • Capture temperature
  • Capture relative humidity
  • This unit is designed for continuous use with a Loxone Miniserver or Extension
  • Suitable for all devices that can process a 0-10V Signal
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This sensor combines a CO₂, temperature and humidity sensor and, in its housing, is perfect for use in both home or office.

The device uses a PT1000 sensor and has an integrated 0-10V transmitter allowing it to easily be connected to any device that can read a 0-10V signal.

This combination sensor is suitable for the following applications:

  • Controlling air quality by measuring the carbon dioxide levels in the room
  • Accurate indoor temperature measurement
  • Accurate indoor humidity measurement
  • Designed for long term use with the Loxone Miniserver or Extension
  • Designed for use with any device which accepts a 0-10V signal
Technical Details

CO2 Sensor

  • Measuring range : 0...2000 ppm
  • Measuring method 2 infra red cells
  • Output signal: 0-10V
  • Accuracy at 25°C und 1013mbar: +-50 ppm

Temperature Sensor

  • Measuring range 0...50°C
  • Accuracy: +-0,3°C
  • Output signal 0-10V

Humidity sensor

  • Measuring method : capacitiv
  • Measuring range: 0...100% rF
  • Accuracy at 20°C: +-3%

Data sheet: CO²/Temperature/Humidity

Item Includes
  • 1 x CO ² sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor combination
  • 2 x screws and dowels
  • 1 x sheet
$ 314.00
Incl. 0% Tax, excl. shipping