AC Control Air for Sinclair Zoom
AC Control Air for Sinclair
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With the AC Control Air for Sinclair connect new and existing air conditioning systems easily, quickly and silently via Plug & Play into your Loxone installation.

  • Simple, intuitive operation using Loxone control elements or anywhere and at any time with the Loxone App
  • Demand-led heating & cooling in combination with presence detection, window status, shading and weather forecast
  • Cost-effective heating & cooling thanks to integration into the energy management system (e.g. utilising PV surplus)
  • Optimum coordination of the air conditioning unit with other heating & cooling sources for maximum energy efficiency
  • Facilitated integration of the grid-friendly control
  • Invisible assembly within the air conditioner thanks to its compact design: 38.3x34.3x10.5mm / 1.50x1.35x0.41" (LxWxH)
  • No additional power supply required
  • Analyse and optimise with customised status messages, statistics and notifications

Conveniently check the compatibility of the model number of your room air conditioner with the selected AC Control Air in the AC Control Air Search ».

One AC Control Air is required for each air conditioning unit. Read more details in the Loxone Documentation for the AC Control Air. 

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Energy-efficient cooling

Air conditioning systems provide comfort even on hot days. Manually controlled, however, they are often too real energy guzzlers. With the AC Control Air for Sinclair, you can integrate air conditioning systems easily, quickly and seamlessly into your Loxone home and building automation system. Thanks to intelligent control increase comfort and reduce energy costs at the same time.



Do you operate one or more Sinclair split air conditioning units in your private home or commercial building and are you familiar with the problem of numerous remote controls, beeping noises and impractical operation? The AC Control Air puts an end to this. Turn your air conditioner into an intelligent, efficient comfort guarantor.


Easy operation and visualisation

Operation via the free Loxone App offers you the option of adjusting the operating mode, set temperature or fan speed, for example, to suit your requirements at any time and from anywhere. You can also control your Sinclair or air conditioner via our manually operate the preconfigured Touch Pure Flex.


AC Control Air in App  Touch Pure Flex



Demand-led heating and cooling

With the help of the free Loxone Config programming software, you can ensure that your Sinclair air conditioning unit only operates when necessary. Time programmes, the presence of people, an open window, the weather forecast or, of course, manual operation determine when and to what intensity heating or cooling takes place.


Air conditioning unit and shading in symbiosis

With intelligent shading, rooms can be up to 9° cooler (source: TU Graz). With the help of AC Control Air, you can perfectly synchronise your air conditioning unit with the shading: Active cooling is delayed by the intelligent shading until it becomes necessary to use energy for the Sinclair air conditioning unit. The rooms remain pleasantly cool while you achieve up to 50 % energy savings.


Perfect interaction with other heating and cooling sources

In residential or commercial buildings, surface systems such as floor/wall/ceiling heating or cooling or radiators are widely used, which are controlled by separate control systems within the room. In combination with room climate solutions such as the Loxone actuators and the numerous interfaces of the Miniserver and its peripherals, you have the option of networking the previously separate systems and ideally matched to each other. With AC Control Air, the air conditioning system becomes part of this system.


Cooling when it makes sense

Match your air conditioning unit to your energy costs and save through the intelligent shifting of energy consumption cash. With the help of AC Control Air, you can optimise your cooling based on the electricity production of your PV system or a dynamic electricity tariff.


An overview of other advantages:

  • No external power supply necessary
  • Silent specification of setpoints without annoying beeping noises
  • Invisible integration thanks to its compact design
  • More straightforward compatibility alignment by entering the model name
  • Increase the signal strength of other Loxone Air devices by amplifying the Loxone Air Mesh system thanks to the permanently connected power supply
Technical Details
What's in the box?
  • 1x AC Control Air
  • 1x Connection Cable
  • 1x Folder
Excl. VAT.
List price excluding VAT. Customs duties may apply for some locations. Price shown is the Loxone Partner Purchase price. This price does not include required planning, installation and services by a certified Loxone Partner.
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