• SMA Antenna 4dBi 868 MHz

    Item no.: 200151

    This omni directional SMA antenna 4dBi 868 MHz is perfect for the use with Loxone Air Devices.

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  • RGBW 24V Compact Dimmer Air

    Item no.: 100324

    The 24V RGBW Compact Dimmer has been specifically designed and developed for decentralised use while giving the ability to create different lighting moods. It allows for seamless integration into the Real Smart Home, enabling the intelligent control and automation of light sources, such as LED strip.

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  • Loxone Touch Air Anthracite

    Item no.: 100180
    The Loxone Touch Air is a capacitive touch switch with five touch points and has an integrated temperature and humidity sensor.
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  • Window Handle Air

    Item no.: 100177
    The battery powered Window Handle Air quickly and reliably detects open, closed or tilted windows and also has a vibration sensor to detect forced entry in the event of a break-in.
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  • Loxone Touch Air White

    Item no.: 100155

    The capacitive touch switch for your smart home with a touch-sensitive surface, 5 touch zones, and integrated humidity and temperature sensor is a real all-rounder.

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  • Nano IO Air

    Item no.: 100153

    Nano IO Air - the versatile flush-mounted wireless relay for retrofitting.


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  • Smoke Detector Air

    Item no.: 100142
    The smoke detector with integrated Loxone Air technology for more security in your Loxone Smart Home.
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  • IR Control Air

    Item no.: 100141

    Take full control of your infrared devices with the Loxone IR Control Air. From the TV to the air conditioning!

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  • Remote Air

    Item no.: 100140

    Operate your Loxone Smart Home quickly and easily with the new Loxone Remote Air smart remote!

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  • Multi Extension Air

    Item no.: 100116

    The most versatile Extension for retrofitters: Control lighting, measure temperature, integrate access control and much more! The Multi Extension Air is a real all-rounder for creating automation with the wireless power of Loxone Air!

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  • SMA Stub Antenna 868 MHz

    Item no.: 000200

    This SMA antenna 868 MHz is suitable for all SMA connector (Female).

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