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  • Tubular Motor SOLIDline Air

    Item no.: solidline-air
    This tubular motor can be used for blinds, shutters and awnings and can be wirelessly controlled using Loxone Air technology.
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Motion Sensor

    Item no.: motion-sensor

    With the Loxone Motion Sensor, your Loxone Smart Home can reliably detect motion and brightness. As one of the most important sensors in the smart home, it provides information for useful features like alarms, lighting and energy saving.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Loxone Valve Actuator

    Item no.: valve-actuator
    With Loxone Valve Actuators, every room can be set to a different temperature, and unlike a smart thermostat, each and every room in your home can be controlled independently of the other, meaning even bigger savings on your heating bill!
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • RGBW 24V Dimmer

    Item no.: rgbw-24v-dimmer

    This RGBW 24V Dimmer delivers unparalleled smart lighting control in residential and commercial settings!


    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • LED Ceiling Light RGBW

    Item no.: led-ceiling-light-rgbw

    The new Loxone Ceiling light is an all-in-one, effective lighting source. Complete with built-in motion and brightness sensors - making it a great all-rounder for many different room types in a Real Smart Home.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • RGBW 24V Compact Dimmer

    Item no.: rgbw-24V-compact-dimmer

    The 24V RGBW Compact Dimmer has been specifically designed and developed for decentralised use while giving the ability to create different lighting moods. It allows for seamless integration into the Real Smart Home, enabling the intelligent control and automation of light sources, such as LED strip.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Touch Nightlight Air

    Item no.: 100340

    The Loxone Touch Nightlight is more than just a light. It's an alarm clock, night light, ambient light source and intuitive smart home switch all-in-one.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Touch & Grill Air

    Item no.: 100341

    The first barbecue thermometer that fully integrates with a smart home. It's far more than it's namesake.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Touch Pure

    Item no.: touch-pure

    The Touch Pure switch is an elegant, frameless touch switch with a beautifully finished, high-quality glass front. Adding intelligent control wherever it goes.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Touch Pure (EOL)

    Item no.: touch-pure-eol

    Our popular, award-winning Touch Pure switch is an elegant, frameless touch switch with a high-quality 3D-printed high-quality glass front.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Touch

    Item no.: loxone-touch
    The capacitive touch switch for your smart home with a touch-sensitive surface, 5 touch zones, and integrated humidity and temperature sensor is a real all-rounder.
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Touch Surface

    Item no.: touch-surface
    Extraordinary control integrated directly into your home’s hard furnishings.
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • SMA Antenna 4dBi 868 MHz

    Item no.: 200151

    This omni directional SMA antenna 4dBi 868 MHz is perfect for the use with Loxone Air Devices.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • IR Control Air

    Item no.: 100141

    Take full control of your infrared devices with the Loxone IR Control Air. From the TV to the air conditioning!

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Door & Window Contact Air

    Item no.: door-window-contact-air

    The battery powered Door & Window Contact Air quickly and reliably detects open or closed windows and doors. Seamlessly integrated into the Loxone Smart Home, it can be used for a range of clever security and energy saving functions.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Water Sensor Air

    Item no.: 100211
    The battery-operated water sensor warns immediately from leaking water and thus helps to prevent major water damage. Thanks Loxone Air technology of small sensor can be placed anywhere.
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Nano Dimmer Air

    Item no.: 100212

    Flush-mounted dimmer with Loxone Air Technology

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Window Handle Air

    Item no.: 100177
    The battery powered Window Handle Air quickly and reliably detects open, closed or tilted windows and also has a vibration sensor to detect forced entry in the event of a break-in.
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Blind Motor GJ56 Air

    Item no.: 000-gj56

    The Blind Motor GJ56 Air brings smart home automation to your shading. Ideal for both retrofitters & renovators.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Weather Station

    Item no.: weather-station

    Measure and forecast wind, rain, temperature, solar irradiation and more!

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • NFC Code Touch

    Item no.: nfc-code-touch
    The perfect access control solution. The NFC Code Touch for control of your door, gate, garage and alarm.
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Remote Air

    Item no.: 100140

    Operate your Loxone Smart Home quickly and easily with the new Loxone Remote Air smart remote!

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • AquaStar Air

    Item no.: aquastar-air

    The Loxone AquaStar Air is the most modern 6-way backwash valve in the world – it links up with the Loxone Miniserver or Miniserver Go, resulting in the first ever fully automated, intelligent pool control system.

    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Smoke Detector Air

    Item no.: 100142
    The smoke detector with integrated Loxone Air technology for more security in your Loxone Smart Home.
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
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