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Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree White
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When it comes to building automation, the detection of presence is one of the most important inputs. Knowing if someone is in the building affects the lighting, heating, security, ventilation, energy management and more. The Flush-mounted Presence Sensor from Loxone features a low-profile for in-ceiling installation; reliably detecting motion and presence, and measuring brightness levels - making it an invaluable component for building automation.

  • Detect movement and presence through infrared and acoustic sensors
  • High detection field with a detection angle of 360° horizontal and 110° vertical (giving you an 8m detection field at a ceiling height of 3m).
  • Integrated brightness sensor (measuring range 0 ... 32000lx)
  • Individually adjustable acoustic sensor threshold value for presence detection.
  • Individually adjustable acoustic sensor threshold value for the burglar alarm.
  • Simple limitation of the detection range using a sticker for the Fresnel lens
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Unique multi-sensor capability: Infrared, Acoustic, and Brightness

Unique multi-sensor capability: Infrared, Acoustic, and Brightness

A traditional motion sensor does not detect when a person is sitting e.g. at a desk or in front of the TV set and is not moving. Installation factors might also affect the effectiveness of a motion sensor, such as it being hindered when a door is ajar. This is why we developed the Loxone Presence Sensor – to reliably detect presence more in more installation environments. With built-in multi-sensor technology, you can reduce hardware costs in non-traditionally shaped rooms that would have required multiple motion sensors.

High detection field with a detection angle of 360° horizontal and 110° vertical (giving you an 8m detection field at a ceiling height of 3m). The sensitivity can be set to one of 4 different values.


Once presence has been detected by motion, then the presence factor can be extended by sound detected by the acoustic sensor. The threshold value of the acoustic detection can be set via Loxone Config.


A high-quality brightness sensor (measuring 0 … 83000lx) is perfectly suited for the implementation of brightness-dependent functions such as constant light levels and Daylight Responsive Lighting.

Versatile Acoustic Sensor

With the built-in acoustic sensor, the Flush-Mounted Presence Sensor Tree offers an even wider range of possible applications.

Time-Out Extension

With motion initially being detected, the audio sensor within the Presence Sensor can then extend the time out automatically – even if no motion is detected.


If neither motion nor audio has been detected within the preset period, then – for up to 10 seconds after this period – the Presence Sensor will still listen out for any audio to extend the time-out (for example, a clap)..


If a certain noise level is exceeded (adjustable in Loxone Config), the alarm output of the Presence Sensor is activated. With this, you can realise different functions such as triggering a notification or an alarm.

How the acoustic
detection works

The Presence Sensor is equipped with an acoustic sensor that detects noises and measures the volume level. The volume level is then transmitted to the Miniserver.


Planning & Installation

With a low-profile design, the Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree complements the Loxone LED Spot to bring a cohesive look to your installation. To achieve a cohesive look, we recommend that you position the presence sensor centrally between two LED Spots, while following the conventional grid formation for the layout of the spots.


Presence Detection for Ambient Assisted Living

Especially when older people live alone at home, it is important for relatives to know that everything is in order. This can be achieved with presence detection as a form of unobtrusive monitoring. For example, an alarm could be triggered based on fall detection, changes in behaviour, or other such emergency situations.

Comparison of presence sensor models:

  Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree Presence Sensor Tree Presence Sensor Air
Battery-powered Permanently powered with 24V 
Suitable for New Build, in-ceiling New Build, on-ceiling Retrofit Retrofit
Acoustic Yes Yes No Yes
Motion Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brightness Yes Yes Yes Yes
loxone tree

The award-winning Loxone Tree Technology was designed with a clear goal in mind: reduce the cable and effort required for all the peripheral devices in a home or building automation installation. Thanks to a free-form wiring topology and intuitive configuration software, Loxone Partners are able to commission Loxone Tree devices in record time

loxone tree

The Presence Sensor Air communicates wirelessly using Loxone Air Technology. The Presence Sensor Air can be powered with 24VDC or through the use of AA batteries (life span approx. 2 years). The flush-mounted version is not available with Air Technology.



Can the presence detector be mounted in a 68mm flush-mounted box?

The Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree cannot be mounted in a 68mm flush-mounted backbox. Instead, we recommend that it be fitted directly into a 68mm diameter cutout in the ceiling. The product features two spring clamps for the installation form.

Where should the in-ceiling version of the presence sensor be positioned?

We recommend that you position the presence sensor centrally between two LED spots, while following the conventional grid formation for the layout of the spots. Also bear in mind a position that would give the best detection of the light levels in the room if you are commissioning Daylight Responsive Lighting.

Can the detection range of the in-ceiling presence sensor limited?

The detection range can be limited with the use of the supplied stickers to eliminate a pickup area.

Which presence sensor is the most suitable for me to install?

Please see our comparison table above to determine which presence sensor is best suited to your type of installation.

Where can I find more information for the on-ceiling presence sensors?

If you are specifically looking for our on-ceiling Presence Sensor, you can find more information on your webshop:
Presence Sensor Tree White
Presence Sensor Tree Anthracite
Presence Sensor Air White
Presence Sensor Air Anthracite


  • 1x Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree
  • Sticker to cover the lens to limit the detection area
  • 4x Connection clamps

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