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IR Control Air
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With the Loxone IR Control Air, you’ll have all of your infrared devices under control - from the TV and AV equipment to the air conditioning!

  • Sends and receives infrared signals
  • Controls multimedia devices, air conditioning systems and much more
  • Communicates via Loxone Air wireless technology
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IR control for home & building automation

Take full control of any infrared devices in residential and commercial installations with the Loxone IR Control Air. As a Loxone Partner, you can implement control of TVs, multimedia devices, air conditioning systems and much more – all wirelessly!

Loxone IR Control Air

Integrating IR devices

Using simple controls and intelligent automation, you can integrate all devices with infrared sensors into a Loxone system with the Loxone IR Control Air: from home cinema and multimedia devices to air conditioning and more. You can connect up to 4 external IR-transmitter bugs to the IR Control Air.

IR Control Air
Loxone IR Control Air

The traditional remote control

Using the Loxone IR Control Air, a traditional remote control can be set up to control or activate other automation features as part of the Loxone system. This includes controlling the blinds, lighting and so on.

The Loxone IR Control Air in action

Movies at your fingertips

Control via app

Automate your IR devices

Your remote control

IR Control Air

Cinema within seconds

Activating ‘movie mode’, in a smart home controlled with Looxne will not only dim the lights but it will also then switch on the required home entertainment AV devices and pause any music that may have already been playing via the multiroom audio.

IR Control Air

Control IR devices using the Loxone app

With the IR Control Air, your customer can control air conditioning at with ease, either from home or on the way home from a sunny day out.

IR Control Air

Automate IR devices

In a building automated with Loxone, the Miniserver operates the air conditioning, ventilation and other infrared devices that would otherwise have to be manually operated using a remote control.

IR Control Air

Smart power off

When turning the TV off using a traditional remote control, a compatible remote could also take care of turning off all other related home entertainment devices – all with a single press of a button.


  • 1x Loxone IR Control Air
  • 1x USB power supply
  • 1x micro USB cable
  • 4x external IR twin transmitter (cable length 2m / 6.5ft) for attachment to the receiver unit
  • 1x external IR receiver (cable length 1.5m / 4.9 ft)