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IR Meter Reader Air
Item no.: 100151

The Loxone IR Meter Reader Air allows you to get direct readings from electricity meters with an infrared interface. 

  • Communicates directly with different meters
  • Set an optimal energy consumption threshold
  • Eliminate electricty guzzlers
  • Works well with PV systems
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Based on Loxone Air Technology, the IR Meter Reader Air can be easily integrated into your Loxone system to save you energy. The infrared interface on your energy meter relays all the necessary information needed for effective energy management. You can display the energy consumption levels in the Loxone App, and from there you easily recognise the electricity guzzlers. You can also choose to receive a Loxone Mailer Service alert when energy consumption in the home has reached a certain level.

Do you have a photovoltaic system? The IR Meter Reader Air can help you make the most of the independent power produced by your home. For example, once a certain amount of power has been produced then your smart home, office, restaurant, etc. will know to turn on the washing machine, charge your electric car or whatever else it may be. 

We are working on software to ensure that the IR Meter Reader Air is compatible with more meters, however the compatibility also depends on your energy supplier.

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What's in the box?
  • 1 x Loxone IR Meter Reader Air
  • 1 x USB Power Supply
  • 1 x USB A to Micro B cable (power only)