LED Spot RGBW Tree White Zoom
LED Spot RGBW Tree White
Item no.: 100330

The new Loxone RGBW LED Spot Tree offers focused warm white light and diffuse coloured light to provide an incomparable lighting experience. This spot offers a fire-rating to suit varying construction types.

  • Fire rated to BS 476-20 (60 minutes)
  • Focused warm white light
  • Diffused RGB light
  • Low installation profile (40mm)
  • High light output
  • Average life span of 25 years
  • Smooth dimming curve

NOTE: This is a new Item No. for this product - previously 100347.

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Impressive lighting –
individually configurable

With the all-new LED Spot RGBW Tree, you can expect the ideal lighting output for any room. With exceptional natural colour rendering and full, smooth dimming, the lights can adapt to suit any occasion.

Exceptional colour and warm white light

The LED Spot RGBW not only impresses with a sleek, timeless design – but it also boasts RGB and White LEDs. Whether you’re looking for ambient, task or accent lighting; the LED Spot RGBW Tree is a fantastic option.

Diffused, soft,
coloured lighting

The diffused colour output of the spot can provide a comfortable, soft light that is impactful enough to set the scene without being overwhelming. Choose from millions of different colours to suit the occasion.

warm white light

The separate warm white LED output of the LED Spot RGBW Tree means it can also deliver a more focused, brighter, clearer light. Plus, as it is fully dimmable, it is ideally suited to meet the demands of ambient, task and accent lighting.

Perfect in any room

With the full, smooth dimming range and choice of millions of colours, the LED Spot RGBW Tree is suitable for any room, including:


With millions of colour combinations, the LED Spot can create effective lighting moods. Research suggests that in the bathroom we should go for a hint of blue in the mornings and a warm red in the evenings.

Living Room

Thanks to a smooth, gentle dimming curve you can create a feel-good environment in the living room – transitioning from bright light for reading to dimmed light when it’s movie time.


When it comes to preparing food and cooking, a full warm white light at 100% brightness is exactly what you need and the LED Spot RGBW Tree is perfectly suited to light up the kitchen as you release your inner-chef.


The LED Spot RGBW Tree is fire-rated to meet the requirements of UL263 & BS 476-20 (60 minutes).

*Only applicable to articles 100330 and 100334.

Maximum energy-efficiency

It is clear that with the LED Spot RGBW Tree, you can completely change the look and feel of a room. Despite this level of flexibility and boasting separate red, green, blue and white channels – the spot remains energy-efficient. Great for setting the mood, and for your energy bill.


for the perfect warm-white light


of colour combinations for impressive lighting


operating hours for a long life span.

The highest quality – developed by us

We have made every effort to develop an LED Spot that is timeless in design, blending in with an array of interiors yet packed with the latest LED technology to be able to deliver exceptional functionality and completely change the look and feel of any room. In addition, we’ve incorporated effective heat management to ensure a long lifespan. The innovative mounting method is also another well thought-out design element. This is not your average spot – it’s up there with the best and it’s designed and developed by Loxone for specifically for home & building automation.

Soft, gentle dimming

The time of day, use of a room, occasion and more all call for different lighting. The built-in dimmer of the LED Spot RGBW delivers a dimming curve that is considerably smoother than that of conventional dimming methods.


Conventional dimming behaviour (DMX)
8 bit 256 steps


Loxone LED Spot RGBW Tree
16 Bit 65536 Steps*

*Requires at least Version 10 of Loxone Config.

At home in any room

Thanks to their timeless design, the LED Spot RGBW seamlessly blends into almost any interior. Thanks to the powerful lighting output, these spots are right at home in even the largest of room.

How many spots do I need?

The size of the room will determine how many spots are required for adequate lighting. For basic lighting in a room, we recommend the following number spots based on the square metres*:

5 m²
50 m²


* for this guideline we are working to a ceiling height of 2.60m and a light level intensity for basic lighting at table height (300 lux for warm white light)

Ready-to-go in record time

The LED Spot RGBW boasts the award-winning Tree technology. This, coupled with the know-how of a skilled Loxone Partner, lends itself to an unparalleled ease-of-install.

Specifically designed for use in a Loxone system

The LED Spot RGBW Tree takes full advantage of minimal wiring effort while being packed with functionality – that’s the beauty of Loxone Tree. No separate dimmer is required for this spot. Communication and power can be delivered via the Loxone Tree Cable. This manufacturer-recommended installation method means each spot will be individually addressable so even after the installation, you’ll be able to re-configure spots into groups should the requirements of a room ever change.

A single cable for all Tree devices

Loxone Tree Cable does it all – it’s suitable for handling all communication between Tree products as well as supplying power to the respective periphery devices. This is the perfect installation option for the LED Spot RGBW Tree.


1x LED Spot
4x Lever Connectors