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Multi Extension Air Zoom

Multi Extension Air

Item no.: 100116

Retrofitting is easier than ever! Take control of your lighting, monitor the garage door or check who's at the front door ... with only one extension . The versatile extension with Air technology has:

  • Integrated PWM outputs to control your lighting (RGBW dimmer ) or for controlling pumps with PWM inputs
  • 1-Wire interface for connecting your sensors
  • Can be placed anywhere throughout your home
  • Integrated bi-stable relay
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Please note that you must have an Air Base Extension or a Miniserver Go in order to use the Multi Extension Air.
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The extension for your wireless smart home project

The Multi Extension Air is a real all-rounder with so many possibilities:

All possibilities

1: For the Garden

2: For the Pool

3: For the Sauna

Expand your Miniserver

Expand your Miniserver

With the Multi Extension Air there are no limits to wireless home control: switching loads, temperature monitoring, access control, connecting to sensors and keypads, plus so much more!


Perfect in your garden

Installed in the garage, garden shed, or summer house, the Multi Air Extension Air can control your patio lighting, watering systems, and garage door. That’s one smart garden!


For your pool

Refill water automatically, integrate a safety alarm, customise colourful lighting scenes, even activate a smart filtration system based on pool usage…together with the Multi Extension Air, the Loxone Miniserver will become your ultimate pool management system.


For a smart sauna

Install the Multi Extension Air remotely from the Miniserver. Configure any push button to turn the heat on or off, create colourful mood lighting, and control the temperature…relaxation made simple.

The Multi Extension Air video

There’s so much you can do with the Multi Extension Air!
Learn more about its capabilities in our video.

Certified by NRTL

Loxone upholds to the highest quality standards for the products we offer. Therefore our Multi Extension Air is tested by OSHA’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program. Similar to the UL certificate, the NRTL certificate guarantees that our products exceeds the requirement of electrical standards throughout the US. Be assured that you are receiving the best quality products that meet the highest safety standards.

Certified by NRTL


  • 1x Multi Extension Air
  • 1x SMA Antenna

Technical data

Including 20% VAT, excluding shipping