Multiroom Audio

Whether you're looking for a solution for delivery of different audio in different rooms or a system that integrates intuitively with a home or building automation installation - our range of multimedia products is all you need.

  • Music Server

    Item no.: music-server
    The Loxone Music Server - designed for the smart home.
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  • Music Server Upgrade

    Item no.: 100205

    Treat your 'Loxone Music Server powered by CasaTunes' to this update for the Loxone Music Server - enjoy new features and functionality for your multiroom audio system.

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  • Loxone 12 Channel Amplifier

    Item no.: 200110

    The Loxone 12 Channel amplifier is a 12-channel amp which is the perfect addition to the Loxone Music Server.

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  • Loxone Speaker

    Item no.: 200097
    The Loxone Speaker completes our fantastic multiroom audio range. The focus is on simple design and excellent sound quality.
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  • Loxone Wall Speaker

    Item no.: 200153

    The new passive speaker for wall mounting, solidly constructed for perfect sound quality. Sounds great anywhere, even on a bookshelf.

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  • IR Control Air

    Item no.: 100141

    Take full control of your infrared devices with the Loxone IR Control Air. From the TV to the air conditioning!

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  • Remote Air

    Item no.: 100140

    Operate your Loxone Smart Home quickly and easily with the new Loxone Remote Air smart remote!

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  • Loxone Speaker Back Box

    Item no.: 200150

    This back box, with a mounting depth of 110mm, is perfect for installing Loxone Speakers in concrete ceilings.

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  • The Loxone Speaker back box is perfect for the installation of the Loxone Speakers in suspended ceilings or wood frame construction and provides powerful sound.

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