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Shading Actuator Air

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Whether you are using electric curtains, blinds or awnings, the new Shading Actuator Air allows you to integrate shading into your Loxone Smart Home in a few simple steps.


  • Suitable for blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings. With the new Shading Actuator Air you can integrate nearly any type of shading into a Loxone Smart Home.

  • Thanks to the established Loxone Air technology, extensive cabling is a thing of the past, and installation is rapid.

  • Fully automatic control of your curtains, blinds and awnings.

  • Standardised Hirschmann connector (STAS 3, STAK 3).

  • Fully automatic end position detection and calibration.

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Infinite flexibility.
Suitable for most types of shading

Whether you are using electric shutters, blinds or awnings, the new Shading Actuator Air allows you to integrate your shading into a Loxone Smart Home in a few simple steps, thanks to in-built Loxone Air technology.

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Standardised Hirschmann connector

Thanks to the standardised STAS 3 / STAK 3 – also known as a Hirschman connector – you can integrate almost any type of shading motor into a Loxone Smart Home. The watertight plug-in connection is simply connected between the supply line and the motor and reliably secured with the integrated clamp.

Due to the two individually controllable relays (2 x 5A) and the protection class IP54 (splash-proof), the Shading Actuator Air is suitable not only for shading but also for other applications; for example for switching on external lighting or a garden pump.”

Fully automatic
end stop detection

The new Shading Actuator Air automatically detects the end stops of your blinds. This means not only a considerable time saving during installation, but also saves time-consuming calibration. This also means that you can straight away see the current position of your blinds in your app.

100% Loxone Smart Home integration

Our new shading companion allows for 100% integration into your Loxone Smart Home. When used in combination with the Loxone Auto Configuration tool, the following features are standard from day one:

T5 Switch Standard

Frost Protection

Storm Protection

Central operation

Automatic Shading


Best Smart Home technology

For those who want to bring more intelligence and comfort into their existing four walls, we have developed our own wireless technology. Loxone Air is the perfect way to effortlessly turn any home into a smart home.

Installed in record time

Thanks to the compact design and the standardised Hirschmann connector, the new Shading Actuator Air can be installed quickly and simply.

Configured in record time

It is just as easy to configure thanks to Loxone Air and Loxone Config’s intuitive compatibility.

Technical data

Power supply:

110-230V~, 50/60Hz


2 relay outputs (switching voltage) 5A at cosφ=1


868MHz (SRD Band Europe), 915MHz (ISM Band Region 2)

Power consumption:

Typically 0.33W

Operating temperature:

-30 – 50°C

Protection class:



115 x 32 x 28mm

Connection type:

Hirschmann STAK3, STAS3

Minimum load:

90W (for automatic end stop detection)

Dimensions (LxWxD):

130mm x 33mm x 27mm

Based on Loxone Air Technology


  • 1x Shading Actuator Air
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