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Loxone Speaker
Item no.: 200097

The Loxone Speaker is the perfect built-in multiroom speaker for your Smart Home.

  • Complements our multiroom audio range.

  • Sleek, discreet design and powerful sound

  • Easy to mount

  • Comes with one round slimline cover

  • Suitable for sheltered use outside

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The highlights

Discrete Appearance

Discreet appearance

As a built-in speaker, it’s very inconspicuous with 3mm slim bars – making it look perfect in any home.

Top Sound

Top sound

We’ve paid special attention to sound quality so that at the lowest or highest volumes, it’s crystal clear…

Perfect Combination

Perfect combination

The Loxone Speaker is specifically designed to integrate with our apps and multi-room audio set up.

Magnetic round cover included

Magnetic Front Cover

Magnetic front covers

The front covers of the Loxone Speakers are magnetic, so they can easily be removed for cleaning and attached again.

Any Color You Choose

Any colour you choose!

We’ve deliberately made the covers white and used a type of metal that allows for paint. That way you can paint them any colour to match your home.

Perfect Sound

Perfect sound

The Loxone Speaker, as a built-in speaker, is specifically designed for a multiroom audio setup.

Design features like the strong high density ferrite magnet, the rubber membrane/surround, right cone, the efficient dual voice coil, silk dome tweeters and high quality passive crossover, ensure the best performance and sound quality even at lower volumes.

Easy installation thanks to our special brackets

Easy wall or ceiling installation of our multi-room speakers is guaranteed because of our specially-designed brackets.

The brackets can be adjusted depending on the wall or ceiling’s thickness and the speaker attached simply and securely.

Single stereo vs. high power mono

A very special feature of Loxone Speakers is the ability to use them either as high-power mono sound outlets in a pair or on their own as single stereo speakers. A toggle button on the speaker makes this possible…

Mono or Stereo? Well, it all depends on the size of the room you’ve got the speaker(s) in. As always – it’s up to you!

For inside and out!

The rubber membrane of the built-in speaker allows for use in protected outdoor areas. It’s weather proof and frost resistant.

Living room, bedroom, bathroom… Patio, terrace, garden. It’s up to you!


224mm / 8.82″

Diameter of top:

204mm / 8.03″


60 Watt

Max. Volume:



60 – 20000Hz

Peak power handling for Woofer:


Installation depth:

90mm / 3.54″

Speaker box capacity:

10L / .353 cubic feet

Protection Class:


Round cover dimensions:

(L x H): 232 x 3 mm / 9.13″ x .11″

Square cover dimensions:

(L x W x H): 232 x 232 x 3 mm / 9.13″ x 9.13″ x .11″

Two co-axial Tweeters

Mono/Stereo Switcher

0.75″ x 2 Tweeters


1 x Loxone Speaker
1 x Round cover