XAL BETO free standing Zoom
Item no.: 000-XAL

This innovative lighting solution enables optimal illumination at the workplace and can be seamlessly integrated into the Loxone building automation system.

Special features:

  • Air technology: Seamless and easy integration into Loxone building automation.
  • Energy efficiency: Reduced overall power through targeted lighting.
  • Flexibility: Easy placement of the floor luminaires thanks to 230V connection - ideal for varying room concepts.
  • Quality standards: Highest requirements for the entire production process and all components.
  • Design: The perfect symbiosis of functionality and design.

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The right workplace lighting is essential to create a productive and pleasant working environment. If pure ceiling lighting is used, a lot of power must be installed to guarantee sufficient brightness. Installation of ceiling panel lighting is usually too inflexible to adapt to changing needs. A better solution is the combined use of ceiling and floor luminaires.

XAL BETO and XAL TASK enables a lighting concept that can be perfectly adapted to individual needs. This ensures sufficient light at every workstation in an office - seamlessly integrated into the Loxone building automation system.

Supported XAL products:

  • TASK free standing
  • BETO free standing
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