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View our range of accessories including power supplies, video intercoms, PWM lighting, LED strip, valve actuator attachments, terminal blocks, batteries, fuses, and more.

  • 1-Wire Extension

    Item No.: 100014

    The 1-Wire Extension allows you to use 1-Wire sensors as part of your Loxone system. Using 1-Wire sensors is very cost-effective, especially in installations with large numbers of sensors.

    £ 138.45
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • DMX Extension

    Item No.: 100012

    The DMX Extension allows you to control your lighting moods, including dimming, colour changing and fading.

    £ 218.33
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Loxone Speaker

    Item No.: 200097
    The Loxone Speaker completes our fantastic multiroom audio range. The focus is on simple design and excellent sound quality.
    £ 87.87
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Outside Motion Sensor (24V)

    Item No.: 200112

    Esylux RC230i UC motion detector with 230° field of view and a large range. Special bracket included for mounting on both walls and ceilings.

    £ 98.52
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • High quality 0-10V temperature and humidity sensor for precise temperature measurements.

    £ 114.49
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Pressure Sensor 0-0.3bar

    Item No.: 200154

    This 0-10V pressure sensor can be used to monitor and adjust the water level in your pool.

    £ 101.18
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Pressure Sensor 0-6 bar

    Item No.: 200203
    This 0-10V pressure sensor allows you to monitor pressure levels in various systems.
    £ 102.24
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • High quality sensor for measuring temperature and humidity in saunas.
    £ 146.45
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Temperature Probe 1-Wire

    Item No.: 200077

    A precise temperature sensor for use with the Loxone 1-Wire Extension. The sensor is ideal for use in sensor pockets or as a strap-on pipe sensor, but can also be used directly in liquids.

    £ 10.65
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Set of five 1-Wire temperature sensor for use with the 1-Wire Extension. The sensor including the connector is about the size of a pound coin and can easily be hidden from sight.

    £ 38.87
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping