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AO Extension
Item No.: 100382

The AO Extension provides 4 analogue 0-10V outputs while only taking up the space of two breaker units - perfect for the transmission of analogue control signals in the 0-10V range.

  • 4 analogue outputs (0-10V) max. 20mA
  • Space-saving - the width of just 2 breaker units
  • Specifically designed for home & building automation using Loxone
  • CE certified and tested 
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Versatile and individually configurable

Use the 4 analogue outputs of the AO Extension according to the requirements of the installation for the transmission of 0-10V output signals. The AO Extension can output a control voltage of 0-10V per channel.

The control signal can be used, for example, to control heaters, electronic ballasts, pumps and much more. 

Please note that this is a control signal. The analogue output may only be loaded with max. 20mA.

What's in the box?
  • 1x AO Extension
  • 1x Quick Start Guide