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DMX Extension

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This extension enables you to digitally control your lighting:

  • Set the dimming level
  • Adjust the colour and fade rates

Simply connect the DMX Extension to the Miniserver via the Loxone Link, attach your DMX drivers and light fittings to the DMX interface of the Extension and you are ready to go. 

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The ideal DMX controller for your home

Dimming levels and colour information is sent directly to your lights’ DMX controller, allowing digital control. More and more lighting manufacturers are using DMX technology, and with Loxone’s DMX extension, it’s now even simpler to control your lights intelligently. Find out more and get all the information you need on your DMX extension…

Digital data transmission

DMX enables communication and data transmission for lights. It’s how information (e.g. about dimming levels, color, or light position) is sent from the DMX controller to the lights.

Individual lighting moods

You can use our DMX controller in your home to create personalized lighting moodss with coloured lights, transitions, dimming, and all sorts of other things. All you need are some lamps and LED strips which can be controlled with a DMX controller.

Great value

You only need one extension to control all the DMX lights in your house.

Great Value

Other features of the DMX Extension

Controlled Centrally

Controlled centrally

Your DMX extension is controlled by the Miniserver – your home’s intelligence hub.

The DMX extension is connected directly to the Miniserver, which takes on control and provides intelligence to the system. You can therefore set up features such as timer switches, daylight control, and much more – all tailored to your exact needs.

Easy to Use

Easy to use for your smart home

Thanks to the Loxone Config, our powerful configuration software, setting up your DMX lighting is child’s play.

As with all Loxone products, ease of use is an absolute must. Within minutes you’ll be switching on your DMX lights, dimming them, changing the color, and controlling them with your smart phone.

Flexible Expansion Options

Flexible expansion

Do you need a DMX controller for more than 128 DMX channels?? No problem – you can connect up to 30 extensions to a Miniserver.

You can connect up to 30 extensions to a Loxone Miniserver without affecting your system’s performance. It’s therefore no problem to add more DMX extensions to use Loxone as a DMX controller for even the largest of systems.

Certified by NRTL

Loxone upholds to the highest quality standards for the products we offer. Therefore our products are tested by OSHA’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program. Similar to the UL certificate, the NRTL certificate guarantees that our products exceed the requirement of electrical standards throughout the US. Some of our products like the DMX Extension are listed through NRTL as accessories. Be assured that you are receiving the best quality products that meet the highest safety standards.


  • 1 x DMX-Extension
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

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£ 262.00
Including 20% VAT, excluding shipping