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Loxone E-Mobility Starter Kit (UK) Zoom
Loxone E-Mobility Starter Kit (UK)
Item No.: 100217

The Loxone eMobility Starter Kit combines the benefits of the Loxone Smart Homes and the BMW i wallbox for an intelligent charging management of your BMW i.

Smarter car charging has arrived

The Loxone eMobility Starter Kit has been developed together with BMW to offer an intelligent car charging solution that can be integrated with a Loxone system.

Seriously smart

With the E-Mobility Starter Kit you can take smarter control of your BMW i. The Miniserver can be integrated with your BMWi wallbox to automatically run charging schedules, pause charging and set the charging current. Information such as your current solar energy production, cheaper electricity periods or the total electrical load of the house can be taken into consideration and used to adjust your charging automatically.

Load balance

Connect an energy meter with the Miniserver to monitor the total load of your home. Your Miniserver can temporarily switch off large appliances when charging your BMW i in order to balance the overall load.

The Miniserver supports numerous home electricity meters that can be integrated via optional accessories.

Reliable weather data

Hourly updated weather information is available to assist you in planning when it’s best to charge your car. one-yearar subscription to the Loxone Weather Service is included free in the E-Mobility Starter Kit.

Just one app

Activate your wallbox remotely, check charging schedules and energy usage all through the Loxone app. If you have a PV system, this may be integrated with the Miniserver, and will allow you to channel your freely generated electricity directly to your BMWi.

Miniserver Go

The Miniserver Go is the heart of a Loxone system. It allows you to retrofit your home easily and without major wiring effort due to integrated Loxone Air wireless technology.

3x Smart Socket Air

The intelligent, wireless plug can be used to switch loads, measure the energy consumption of your appliances and uncover areas of energy saving potential.

BMW i Wallbox Pro Interface

Your BMW i Wallbox Pro can be easily and quickly integrated with a Loxone system via a home network. With the free software, integration is performed in just a few steps and the BMW i Wallbox Pro is ready to go.

Weather Service

A one year subscription to the Loxone Weather Service is included free in the E-Mobility Starter Kit.

Free Software

Also included in the starter kit are the configuration software Loxone Config and the Loxone Apps. Our software is available on our website and can be downloaded for free from the Apps stores for Android and iOS.

Free Updates

Free ongoing updates ensure your Loxone system is future-proof, flexible and can integrate new technologies.

Perfectly integrated

The BMW i Wallbox Pro is connected to the Loxone system via Ethernet interface. The Miniserver Go acts as the intelligent central exchange between the devices and systems in the installation.

With the Loxone interface for BMW i Wallbox Pro, cyou can begin charging, pause charging and set the charging current. This can be either automated, done manually on site, or controlled remotely via smartphone.

Accurate and current information about your energy production, energy consumption and the current weather is always available via the Loxone App, helping you to see exactly where your energy is being used.

Furthermore, with the Loxone E-Mobility Starter Kit, you can enjoy several other functions in your home: The supplied Smart Socket Air plugs can be used to control devices and appliances that you simply plug into them. The Smart Socket Air will measure how much energy is being used by the device or appliance that is plugged into it, and it also has an in-built temperature sensor.

The operator terminal of the BMW i Wallbox Pro provides 8 freely definable commands for the Loxone system to use. You can use these to control your garage doors, your lights or your alarm … you decide which Loxone systemm features appear on your BMW i Wallbox Pro.

Intuitive configuration

With the knowhow of a :Loxone partner, the BMW i Wallbox Pro can be integrated into a Loxone system in just a few steps:

  1. Installing a BMW i Wallbox Pro requires working with high voltage electricity. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your Loxone Partner to ensure it is installed safely.
  2. The BMW i Wallbox Pro is connected with the Miniserver Go via the Ethernet interface.
  3. The pre-configured Wallbox Function Block for the BMW i Wallbox Pro and Power Manager in our Configuration software ensure intuitive integration.

Technical data

Miniserver Go View Documentation
Smart Socket Air View Documentation
The license key to activate the Weather Service can be found on your invoice. Activate your Weather Service in the login area of our website under “My Products”. View Documentation