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Fröling Extension
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A world first: Integrate your Fröling solid fuel heating system into your Loxone Smart Home to achieve a demand-driven boiler control system that is based on Loxone Individual Room Control.

  • targeted boiler control system based on each room’s requirements

  • precise measurement of flow temperature

  • focused use of energy, resulting in cost reductions of up to 30%

  • an overview of: the status of the heating circuit pumps; various boiler readings; buffer, boiler and flow temperatures

  • can be used for up to 18 heating circuits, 8 boilers and 4 buffers

  • notification of faults via email or phone call

  • compatible with all Fröling heating systems from software version 5.11
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World-first: Demand-driven boiler control system

Until now, boiler control systems have predominantly been controlled based on the temperature outside. The new Fröling Extension makes it possible for Loxone Smart Homes to benefit from a demand-driven boiler control system that is based on Loxone Individual Room Control. Depending on the installation, this can reduce energy costs by up to 30%

An example of how the demand-driven boiler control system works:


Boiler: More heating required

It’s an overcast Sunday morning. The cloud cover means that the house doesn’t have any solar energy heating the house through the windows.

In the bathroom, the required temperature matches the actual temperature. In the living room, it is 2 degrees cooler than the required temperature and the bedroom is warmer than the required temperature.
There is a demand for heating so that the living room can be warmed up, meaning that a high flow temperature is required. The boiler needs to get fired up!


Boiler: No heating required

The afternoon sun is shining. The solar energy is sufficient to keep the rooms warm. This means that no heating is required. The flow temperature is low.

The boiler stays off.


Boiler: Low level heating required

In the evening, the required temperature in the bathroom is higher than during the day, the bedroom has cooled down to a comfortable 19°C. The living room is at comfort temperature.

This calls for a low level of heating to gently increase the flow temperature.

Control of heating circuits, boilers and buffers

The Fröling Extension can be put to use both in homes and in larger buildings. Only one Fröling Extension is needed to manage and control up to 18 heating circuits, 8 boilers and 4 buffers.

Status information

Just one glance at the Loxone Smart Home app is enough to keep you informed about the readings from and status of boilers, buffers and/or heating circuits. Anytime and anywhere, you can keep an eye on things.

Notification of faulty. Respond quickly.

By integrating your Fröling heating system, you can be informed if there is a fault or if a threshold value has been reached, either via an email, a phone call, a flashing light in your Loxone Smart Home – you can even use the new Music Server to provide a spoken notification. This means you will be able to respond quickly.

Easy integration & configuration

The new Fröling Extension means that our Loxone Partners will be able to easily integrate the Fröling heating system into your Loxone Smart Home.

Loxone Config has a new Fröling block ready and waiting, making it simple to configure your intelligent boiler control system.

Remote access

The Loxone Smart Home app means that it is easy to monitor your heating remotely – whether you are on holiday or just upstairs! A convenient solution to give you peace of mind.

Technical data


Power supply:24V DC
Dimensions:35 x 85 x 49mm
Operating temperature:0-50°C
Protection class:IP20
1x Fröling Interface
Power consumption approx. 30mA


1x Fröling Extension

1x Fröling Adapter DB9