Loxone Sanduhr Zoom
Item No.: 100379

Loxone give you more time for life! Demonstrate this through this Loxone hourglass. It is a visual representation of what a Loxone Smart Home gives you and a constant reminder of what is so great about living in a Real Smart Home.

  • Reverse flow on the sand within the hourglass - a representation of the time you save
  • Stylish Loxone design
  • 3-minute duration
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With Loxone you save 50,000 tasks per year. The Loxone hourglass does not flow like conventional hourglasses; it flows from bottom to top. Thus you are constantly reminded that you gain time with Loxone.

What's in the box?

1x Loxone hourglass

£ 6.13
Including 20% VAT, excluding shipping