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Intercom XL
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This video intercom, which is compatible with smart phones and tablets, is designed especially for Loxone Smart Homes and is perfectly suited for use in apartment buildings.

  • mobile face-to-face communication, even from remote locations
  • integrated iButton reader to allow access using an electronic key fob
  • the display screen can show up to 100 names or functions
  • large viewing angle: 105° horizontally, 65° vertically
  • high quality, weather-resistant housing made of aluminium and real glass
  • one cable wiring using PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • easy to install, configure and commission
  • suitable accessories: Loxone flush-mounted box and & surface box
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Perfect for apartment buildings

The new Intercom XL has been developed especially for smart flats/apartments or other multi-unit dwellings. It can store up to 100 entries, which can be for ringing flats, or can also be used as a universal input. This means that options to switch on external lights or similar can also be stored and selected using arrow keys. Additionally, entry by electronic key fob is part of the package as well with the integrated iButton Reader.


Even when you’re away from home, you can find out who is at the door – all thanks to mobile face-to-face communication. Even when you’re out and about, the free Loxone App for smartphone and tablet enables you to see who has just rung your doorbell. You can talk to your guest and open a door for them. Just one click in the app will open the garage door so that the courier can deliver your parcel.


The Loxone App

iButton reader

The Intercom XL’s iButton reader makes use of iButton technology to provide you with the simplest and best value way of managing access to residential (MDU) and commercial buildings. Configuring your integrated iButton reader can be done very quickly. The iButton key fobs are inexpensive, so if one is lost it can simply be deleted from the system, meaning that it will no longer function as a key. New key fobs can simply be added to the system.

Superb quality

The materials used mean that the Loxone Intercom XL not only looks great, it’s also prepared for all kinds of weather conditions!

Durable glass

The screen and camera are protected by solid glass. As well as protecting the internal working of the intercom, it also ensures that the Loxone Intercom XL will still be going strong in many years’ time.

Robust aluminium housing

The high quality, robust 7.5mm thick aluminium with its anodised surface offers great protection for the intercom’s hardware. It also looks great, making the Loxone Intercom XL an attractive addition to an entrance area.

Installation and commissioning

Securely fitted

The Loxone Intercom is supplied with specially-designed ‘security’ screws and a Torx TR T25 Bit. This means that your smartphone and tablet-compatible intercom will be securely screwed into place, so thieves have no chance.

One cable

All you need is one cable. The Loxone Intercom is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet). The network cable also supplies electricity to the video intercom, so you won’t need any additional power cables.

Easily configured

Once connected to the network, the Loxone Intercom XL will show up in a Loxone Config search and can be added to your configuration. It is easy to configure your intercom mere minutes as a Door Controller.

Please note: The Intercom XL should be mounted in a place that is shielded from the elements.

German engineering

Together with Loxone, the Loxone Intercom XL is developed and produced at Baudisch Electronic in Germany, which is a Loxone Group Competence Center.


  • 1x Intercom XL
  • 1x Kettle lead for power
  • 1x RJ45 network cable (short lead)
  • 1x Torx TR T25 Bit & security screws

Technical data

Dimensions (WxHxD):150x260x45mm
Camera:VGA Color CMOS Image Sensor
Lens:focus range of 20cm to infinity
Viewing angle:105° horizontally, 65° vertically°
Image resolution:colour image adjustable up to 640 x 480 (VGA)
Operating temperature:-20°C…+50°C
Integrated iButton reader
Backlit LCD Display (60x22mm) with 4 lines of 20 characters each to display up to 100 entries.
Integrated web server
Multiple clients can have access at the same time

200192 Loxone Intercom XL

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