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Power Supply & Backup
Item No.: 100401

The new Power Supply & Backup (Art. 100401) comes in the form of a DIN rail power supply that works in combination with an external battery. This new addition to the Loxone product lineup protects against power cuts by taking over from mains power, when needed, to provide a power supply to all of your Loxone products. The seven 24V outputs provide a total of up to 40A, are able to measure power and are equipped with replaceable fuses.

  • Safe from the first second – protects the building and the people in it
  • Powercuts without worry – access, lighting and security even in the event of a power failure
  • Full control – power measurement, recording of power failures (battery operation), fuse monitoring
  • Power for the whole building – saves money and space

Technical details:

  • Power measurement of all seven channels
  • 7 x 24V DC outputs at 10A each
  • Total 40A – short-term (10s) 60A
  • Optional Backup function when connecting an external 36V battery
  • Status monitoring including app visualisation
  • DIN rail mounting (18 module width)
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Efficient, secure & worry-free

Your all-in-one solution!


More than just a power supply

PSB Detail

Straightforward Safety

  • Protection against cable fires - if something happens, you are protected
  • 7 individually fused outlets & replaceable fuses
  • Quickly found - you are informed and the blown fuse is indicated by an LED directly on the housing
  • Quickly solved - the supplied on-board tool allows you to fix the problem quickly


PSB Sicherung  Push


No chance for burglars - integration into the alarm system

  • Individual protection - freely accessible devices (outdoor area) should always be connected separately and secured
  • If a burglar tries to disable the alarm system by short-circuiting it - an alarm is automatically triggered
  • The rest of your system continues to run and effectively sounds the alarm


Power cut? No worries!

  • Power failure – the light goes out, the door stays locked. Not with the Power Supply & Backup
  • The Power Supply & Backup keeps all connected devices running via an external battery
  • Don't be left in the dark – your 24V lighting illuminates the darkness, automatically dimmed if necessary, for longer outages
  • Don't stand in front of locked doors – you can still open your front door using the NFC Code Touch - without a key
  • Seamless transition – you can be notified so that you are aware of the power cut
  • Secure monitoring – the freezer defrosts or the burglar makes a move - you are still protected & alerted



Which battery fits your needs?

36VDC lead-acid batteries with a capacity of up to 200 Ah are supported (see data sheet for details), which you can select from any supplier. But which is the right capacity for you?

Here is a sample calculation for a fully equipped detached house (lighting, audio, access, air conditioning, security):


calculated at an average consumption of 60W (36V x 12Ah / 60W) x 60 = 432 min.
*12Ah Battery 

Full control - everything in view at all times

Seamless integration into the Loxone energy management solution - free and simple

  • Record power – power measurement of all 7 individual channels & total power
  • Statistics – automatic recording and display of power curves & meter values
  • Keep an overview – seamless, automatic integration into the Energy Flow Monitor
  • Even during power outages – you know how long the battery can supply the building


PSB Energiefluss  PSB Historie


Power for the whole building - saves space and money

You can supply & protect an entire building with just one product.
This saves space in the distribution board and money!




power supplys

Power Supply
& Backup
  24V output voltage grün grün
  Fuses included rot grün
  Energy measurement included rot grün
  Operation monitoring rot grün
  Backup option included rot grün
  Dividing units distribution 25 units 18 units
  Installation time 3h 0.5h
  Standby power 22W 8W
  Price $$$ $
What's in the box?

1x Power Supply & Backup
2x 2A Fuses
5x 10A Fuses
2x 10A Spare Fuses
1x Tool for replacing the fuses