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  • Miniserver Go

    Item No.: 100139

    Loxone for everyone: Create automation with the Miniserver Go as the intelligent heart of your project. Thanks to Loxone Air technology, there's no cables, no mess and no fuss.

    £ 292.88
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Touch

    Item No.: loxone-touch
    The capacitive touch switch for your smart home with a touch-sensitive surface, 5 touch zones, and integrated humidity and temperature sensor is a real all-rounder.
    £ 37.28
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • IR Control Air

    Item No.: 100141

    Take full control of your infrared devices with the Loxone IR Control Air. From the TV to the air conditioning!

    £ 87.87
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Remote Air

    Item No.: 100140

    Operate your Loxone Smart Home quickly and easily with the new Loxone Remote Air smart remote!

    £ 39.94
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping
  • Air Base Extension

    Item No.: 100114

    The Air Base Extension is equipped with our very own wireless technology that is specifically developed for Loxone projects. Absolutely perfect for Retrofitters!

    £ 82.54
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping