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Wrist Button Air
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Hygienic, reliable, simple. The Wrist Button Air is worn comfortably on the wrist and enables an action to be triggered quickly and easily. Thanks to comprehensive integration into your Loxone installation, many functions such as alarm sequence, opening & closing of doors and much more can be triggered.

  • seamless integration into a Loxone system
  • durable silicone push button
  • comfortable and hygienic silicone wristband
    • can be combined with many 18mm wristbands
  • visual click feedback
  • LED is freely assignable
  • cancel false alarms with a long press
  • splash-proof (IP64)
  • battery-powered (CR2032 battery) with up to 2 years lifetime
  • no subscription necessary

Note: will only work within range of the Loxone Air installation.

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Wide range of functionality thanks to total integration

From triggering an alarm chain to automatically opening doors - the Wrist Button Air is much more than a simple button on the wrist. The wide array of possible uses for the Wrist Button Air is what makes it truly unique.

Example of where/how the Wrist Button Air could be used:

  • As an emergency alarm button in the home 
  • To open & shut a roller door in a warehouse
  • As an emergency stop button for dangerous machinery
  • And much more...

Durable and customisable

The Wrist Button Air consists of a push button and a wristband with a snap closure - both made of extremely robust and sterile silicone. Thanks to the standardised fitting the Emergency Bracelet’s button can be combined with many third-party 18mm wristbands.

Loxone Explained: Wrist Button Air

Take a closer look at the Wrist Button Air and what is possible with an alarm system from Loxone in this video.



What's in the box?

1x Wrist Button Air
1x CR2032 battery
1x Screwdriver