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iButton Reader 1-Wire Indoor
Item no.: 200063

Magnetic reader for easy implementation of an access solution to 1-Wire base.

  • Individual permissions settings
  • coupled functions (welcome scene at key add)
  • Mounting on walls, panels or housing
  • unbeatable price-performance ratio
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With this technology you can implement a simple and efficient access control system for your own home and/or business at an unbeatable price - performance ratio!


Through seamless integration with the Loxone Configuration Software, you can easily change access rights at different times of day or link access to other functions. (e.g.: When you get home in the evenings and put your electric key to the reader: the door unlocks, the hall and living rooms lights turn on, and your favorite music starts playing.) Your imagination is the only limit!

This solution also lends itself perfectly to many other uses, for example for the protection of machinery. Objective: Only authorized personnel are allowed to use certain machines. 

This is a "1-Wire Solution". In order to use an electronic iButton reader with Loxone, you'll also need a 1-Wire Extension or a similar 1-Wire device.


When the key is put to the iButton reader, a signal is sent. If it is a magnetic key (iButton), it is then held in place by the reader. The iButton reader can be connected to a 1-Wire device, such as Loxone's 1-Wire Extension. Only 1 iButton reader can be used per Extension, but limitless iButtons can be used. 

 Fitting & installation

To use the electronic key reader simply mount it in the wall on panels or enclosures . The electronic key reader is suitable for installation in panels or enclosures to 10mm (.39 in) thickness and a through-hole diameter of 20mm (.78 in). 

 Pin assignment

The electronic key reader is connected to our 1- Wire Extension . The white wire to the "DATA " of the extension , the gray wire to "GND". The yellow wire is the common ground of the two LEDs . Green = green LED ; Red = Red Led

Green LED : U = 2.1 V 20 mA

Red LED : U = 1.95 V 20 mA

Use at higher voltage matching series resistor.

PLEASE NOTE: The iButton Reader is Water resistant (but not recommended for use in extreme environments, since the materials are not corrosion-resistant enough over long periods of time) In this case, we recomment the 1-Wire Key Reader Outdoor.

Technical Details
  • Signal transmission via 1-Wire based on iButton technology
  • Robust housing
  • Two colors LED in the middle of the reading unit (red / green)
  • Red 1.95V, 2.1V Green
  • Temperature range: -40 ° C to 85 ° C (-40°F to 185°F)
  • Water resistant (but not recommended for use in tougher environments, since it is not corrosion resistant in the long run)
  • Depth for mounting: 10mm (.39 in)
  • Cut-out diameter: 20mm (.78 in)
  • Inline resistors for direct connection on 24V (no extra resistors or extra power supply are needed)
  • Connecting directions are now listed on the product. 
Item Includes
  • 1 x Electronic iButton key reader magnetic
  • 1 x M20 flat nut
  • 1 x Seal