Loxone Aquastar Air Zoom
AquaStar Air 1,5"
Item no.: 100178

The Loxone AquaStar Air is the most modern 6-way backwash valve in the world and, in combination with the Loxone Miniserver or Miniserver Go, it makes it possible for the first time to add a fully automated, intelligent pool control system to your Loxone Smart Home.

  • Provides fully automated, intelligent control and monitoring of the pool for maximum comfort and minimal effort
  • Includes numerous interfaces for temperature measurement, filter pumps, pool cover, a counter-current system and other features
  • Control and monitor your pool remotely using the free Loxone apps
  • Pre-set software function blocks mean that commissioning is easy and only takes a few minutes
  • Flexible and futureproof due to Loxone Air wireless technology
  • Pool filter cleaning is regular and automatic, ensuring the very best water quality

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Fully automatic pool control

The 6-way AquaStar Air backwash valve connects wirelessly to the Loxone Miniserver or Loxone Miniserver Go, integrating it into your Loxone Smart Home. The Miniserver is at the heart of the operation, providing intelligent pool control, monitoring and automation as well as making it simple to set up.

The convenience of the fully automated control system means that you get more time to enjoy your pool!

Take control in the Loxone App

Whether you are using your PC’s browser or are out and about using your mobile device, you can keep an eye on your pool from anywhere. At any time, you can control and monitor the water temperature, water level, filter times, pool cover, jet system and other features.

Less effort, better quality

The functionality of the new Loxone AquaStar Air ensures that your pool has the very best water quality. Its functions include filtration, backwash, rinse, circulation, waste, winter position and ‘closed’.


The water drawn in by the pump is filtered through sand, which removes dirt particles. The cleaned water then goes to the inlet.


This process involves reversing the flow of water so that the water presses into the sand from below. This removes the dirt, which is then rinsed out into the wastewater connection.


This is activated after backwashing to ensure that the dirt does not make its way back into the pool. The sand resettles and a small quantity of water is drained via the wastewater connection.


During circulation, the unit bypasses the filter, simply pumping the water back into the pool.


The ‘waste’ function drains the pool at the end of the season.


On this setting, none of the channels are open.

Freely definable notifications

Get notifications when various events occur e.g. when it is time for a service, when a threshold value has been reached or when the pool cover has been opened in your absence. You can decide what kind of notifications to receive, whether by e-mail, phone call, a flashing light etc.

Safety features

The Loxone AquaStar Air offers a range of security features:

  • Alarm in case of malfunction & notification by phone or mail
  • Safe pump drain control
  • Safe valve motion: In case of movement, the safety valve is closed and leakage of the pool is prevented
  • Filter not possible with active pump in automatic mode
  • Battery backup option in case of power failure (sold separately)

Numerous interfaces

Loxone AquaStar Air is kitted out with numerous interfaces to allow for a comprehensive pool control system – you can control everything to do with your pool!

Measuring the temperature

The AquaStar features a 1-wire interface, so you have the option of adding low-cost 1-wire temperature sensors.

Integrated Outputs

There are also three relay outputs that can be used as you choose for lighting controls, heat pumps, jet systems, and more.

Integrated Inputs

There are two unused analogue inputs that could be used to install pressure sensors to measure the water level

Filter pump and drain valve

The AquaStar Air has its own terminal to allow connection to a filter pump as well as a safety valve for the drain.

Expansion is easy

By connecting the Loxone AquaStar Air with the Loxone Miniserver, you can do more than just automate your pool. Your system can be expanded in multiple ways:

The Pool Area

With the Loxone Miniserver, you can add more smart options to your pool. You could, for example, integrate a spa jet system, pool and garden lighting or a pool cover.

These can all be integrated into the existing Loxone system.

In Your Home

The Loxone Miniserver is the central, intelligent unit at the heart of your Loxone Smart Home system. It brings together the controls for shading, lighting, heating and other features, taking them off your hands.

Simple integration all-around

Because of Loxone’s Air technology, you can easily integrate the Loxone AquaStar Air into your Loxone Smart Home and fully automate your pool controls. Even existing pool systems can be integrated without a problem.


The Loxone AquaStar can be installed – and even retrofitted – with all well-known filter brands. Once it has been hooked up to a power supply, it is ready for action and can be linked up with the Loxone Miniserver.

Learning In

Then it is time to use Loxone’s free Config software to connect and configure your unit. The AquaStar will appear in the search results window and will be added.


The ‘pool’ pre-set function block makes it easy and quick to configure pump periods, threshold values, filter programs, temperature monitoring and much more.


The ‘pool’ software function block also includes an automatically-generated visualisation that you can use to remotely monitor and control your pool. To do this, you can either use your web browser or make use of the free iPhone and Android apps.

Peraqua Accessories

The Loxone AquaStar Air was developed in partnership with Peraqua, the complete equipment provider for all types of pools, based in Austria. This guarantees the highest level of compatibility with Peraqua products such as Ocean V6 sand filters. Peraqua has a wide range of accessories on offer for your pool.

Technical data

What’s included?

  • 1x AquaStar Air
  • 1x SMA antenna 868 MHz
  • 1x 1-Wire temperature probe

Please note that a Miniserver/Miniserver Go is not included and must be bought separately