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Caller Service 1 Year
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Immediate notification when it is needed! When you have an alarm condition, the Miniserver can make and acknowledge calls when using the Caller Service.

  • Notification by phone call
  • Automatically send notifications based on configured events
  • Get started right away, purchase service and receive the key in your email immediately
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Immediate notification when it is needed with the Caller Service!

Teach your Miniserver to make phone calls using the Caller Service. You are informed immediately when it matters!

In the event of an alarm, be notified immediately including feedback/ acknowledgement

Receive an immediate notification in the case of an alarm.  Your Miniserver can inform you with a phone call in an alarm event.  You can even provide feedback to the Miniserver and acknowledge the alarm.

Create automatic notifications for custom events

Monitor your home with the Loxone Miniserver and use the Caller Service to receive automatic notification on any events you want to capture.  For example your Miniserver can notify you when: have high CO2 levels in your home, a security alarm, have a water leak, your sump pump high float is on. You can capture any event and receive a notification on your phone.  With Loxone there are no limits.

More safety - notification per phone call

The caller service helps you remember important tasks around the house. Example: The Caller Service can call you at nightfall if the garage door is left open. The Caller Service is only $69 for one year of worldwide calling.  There are no additional call charges and there is no subscription trap: Your Caller Service is not automatically renewed.

No delays: Get started right away

After you purchase the Caller Service you will recevie an email with the Key immediately.  


To use the Caller Service the Miniserver has to be connected to the Internet as the calls go through an external server. In addition, you must log in to use the Caller service. .

How to activate Caller Service 

Item Includes
1 x Caller Service 1 Year