Damper Tree 8" Zoom
Damper Tree 8"
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Simply add a Damper Tree to an existing heating and cooling system, you will have a self-learning and easy to use room-based climate control. This way you cut down energy costs and much more.

  • Motorized round HVAC damper
  • Presence-based heating & cooling
  • Each room always at the right temperature
  • For individual heating schedules
  • Easy Damper Control Installation
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Room-based heating and cooling

Easily control zoned heating & cooling automatically with the new Loxone Damper Tree. With this simple add-on to an existing heating and cooling system, you will have a self-learning, room-based climate control. Just the right temperature throughout your day. Create and manage set heating and cooling schedules right in the Loxone App.

NFC Code Touch

Exact temperature thanks to schedules, motion sensors and Loxone Smart Home App.

Both temperature and humidity sensors integrated into the Loxone Touch for room-based heating & cooling.

Simple integration and installation to an existing heating and cooling system.

How does room-based heating & cooling work?

Heating & cooling
by your presence

The Loxone Smart Home turns on the heating or cooling system just when somebody is in the room. If there is no movement for more than 30 minutes, the temperature will automatically be lowered. With this automatic Away Mode you can save a ton of energy without sacrificing any comfort.

Intelligent tempered - Room by room

Set the temperature
of each room

The best heating and cooling system offers you individual temperatures in each room: kitchen 69°, living room 72°, bedroom 65°. Damper control makes this all possible.

Integrated temperature & humidity sensors

The Loxone Touch Pure has both an integrated temperature and humidity sensor and communicates these levels to the home’s Miniserver. The system knows the exact climate of each room in the home. Now you can set your preferences and create the perfect climate throughout your smart home.

Intelligent tempered - Room by room
Intelligent tempered - Room by room

Flexible wiring with
Tree technology

With Loxone Tree you will see an 80% reduction in wiring, while guaranteeing yourself a future-proof setup with no reduction in data transfer and the communication of devices. Setting up Tree devices takes just a moment with our Auto Config software.

Set desired heating schedules

In our free smart home software, the Loxone Config, you can set up individual heating schedules for all days of the week. And you don’t even have to stand up from the couch and walk to all your thermostats. Just change the heating time within our Loxone Smart Home App using your smartphone or PC.

Individual Heating Schedules

Monitor energy usage

See when and where your energy is being utilized throughout the home. Then use this information to create a more energy efficient home.

Adjust schedules

Stuck in the office late? With our override feature, you can delay your homes heating schedule, making sure it won’t waste energy while you’re away longer than you expected.

Set schedules for any needs

Take advantage of  Vacation Mode while you’re at the beach for the week. Frost and heat protection will kick in when the home detects it is needed. And the Party Mode will make your guests comfortable. The possibilities are endless.

100% designed for the Loxone Smart Home

Dedicated Function Block

The Damper Tree is simple and easy to configure using our new function block.


In just a few clicks and drags, features such as linking your system to motion sensors for presence-based heating and cooling is accomplished.

Personal Preferences

Within Loxone Config and Loxone Smart Home App, you can easily create, manage, and alter your personal heating schedules and preferences.

Technical Data

Power Consumption: 0.2W, max. 2.3W (when motor is driving)
Temperature Range: 32 – 131°F / 0 – 55°C
Power Supply: 15 – 30VDC SELV
Diameter: 6″, 7″, 8″, 10″ available (other sizes by request)
Connection: Wire Diameter: 0.25…0.8mm² / AWG18…AWG23
Exposed Wire Length: 5mm / 13 / 64”
Indication LED:
  • Red Flashing Quickly: no Tree communication possible, check wiring
  • Orange Flashing Quickly: Tree device was detected, but not learnt in
  • Green 3 short flashes: Device learnt in, communication ok
  • Red Flashing: Online, Damper >75% open
  • Orange Flashing: Online, Damper between 25…75%
  • Green Flashing: Online, Damper <25% open
  • Steady Red Light: There is the problem with the Damper, please check if the damper is free to move.
Available Sizes: Available in 6″, 7″, 8″, & 10″. Custom sizes also available through request.
Documentation: Damper TreeHVAC Setup

What’s included?

  • 1x Damper Tree
  • 1x Note Label