Energy Meter 1-Phase Tree Zoom
Energy Meter 1-Phase Tree
Item no.: 100566

Recording electrical energy has never been so easy!

  • Simple integration - get started straight away thanks to Tree instead of having to deal with register addresses.
  • Billable - MID certified and sealable
  • Keep an overview - keep costs under control & always know what is being consumed
  • Live values - records even short load peaks thanks to second-by-second polling
  • Secure - fully integrates into existing load management system
  • Save money - ideal for energy management thanks to live values

Technical key points:

  • MID-certified
  • Tree interface for easy installation
  • Bidirectional energy measurement
  • Adjustable wiring direction in the software
  • Fully integrates into the meter modules
  • Display for meter reading and power
  • Up to 100 amps
  • 2 division units
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Simple Integration Thanks to Tree Technology

Connect device - start tree search - read out values

The values to be read out are integrated directly into the various meter modules. Additional data can be easily selected as usual - prepared in the correct unit.

No need to search through register numbers or logs thanks to tree technology.

Energy & More

Phase to Neutral Volts Phase gegen Neutralleiter
Current Strom
Active Power Leistung
Meter Reading Consumption Zählerstand Verbrauch
Meter Reading Delivery Zählerstand Lieferung
Apparent Power Scheinleistung
Reactive Power Blindleistung
Meter Reading Reactive Power Consumption Zählerstand Blindleistungsverbrauch
Meter Reading Reactive Power Delivery Zählerstand Blindleistungslieferung
Power Factor Leistungsfaktor
Phase Angle Phasenwinkel
Frequncy Frequenz


Seconds Instead of Months

Track your consumption by the second instead of just via the monthly bill and identify your power guzzlers and standby consumption at a glance.


Become an energy-saving pro in just three steps with Loxone!

  1. Recording and visualization of energy flows
  2. Reduction of basic power consumption
  3. Shifting energy consumption to favorable hours

Energy monitoring you can count on.

Helps to record and raise awareness of consumption in the building. Integrate your meters into the energy flow monitor.

Energyflow Energy

Targeted optimization instead of anxious waiting

Live values and the option to be notified when certain thresholds are reached.

Example - 15 minute measurement:

Automated load shedding or reduction of negligible consumers, like an electric car if your consumption would exceed the 15 minutes to be billed, with the peak load manager.

Technical Details
Item Includes

1x 1-phase meter
2x sealable cover
1x orange / white terminal
1x green / white terminal

USD 111.00
Excl. VAT
Price shown is the Loxone partner purchase price. This price does not include planning, installation and services.
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