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Präsenzmelder Deckeneinbau Tree Anthrazit Zoom
Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree Anthracite
Item no.: 100467

When it comes to building automation, the detection of presence is a key factor. Knowing if someone is in the building affects the lighting, HVAC, security, energy management and more. With discreet, flat design for in-ceiling installation, the Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree detects motion, sound and brightness levels. This forms the basis for intelligent automation in homes and buildings. .

  • Also available in White
  • Detect presence by means of infrared and acoustic sensors
  • High detection field with a detection angle of 360° horizontal and 110° vertical (giving you a 26 ft (8m) detection field at a ceiling height of up to 10 ft (3m)).
  • Integrated brightness sensor (measuring range 0 ... 83000lx)
  • Individually adjustable acoustic sensor threshold value for presence detection.
  • Individually adjustable acoustic sensor threshold value for the burglar alarm.
  • Simple limitation of the detection range using a sticker for the Fresnel lens
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All-in-one sensing capabilities: motion, sound and brightness

All-in-one sensing capabilities: motion, sound, brightness

Considering all-around presence detection, we developed the Flush-mounted
Presence Sensor Tree with built-in multi-sensor technology: motion, brightness and
acoustics. The Presence Sensor helps carry out a wide range of functions while saving
you the need of additional sensors. This even helps your customers save money.

Evolved from our classic Motion Sensor, for example, it’s now possible to detect presence if someone is sitting in front of the TV set but not moving, or if the detection area is blocked by an open door.


With a detection angle of 360° horizontally and 110° vertically, the Presence Sensor detects movement within a radius of 26 ft (with a ceiling height of up to 10 ft). The sensitivity can be adjusted in four steps.


In addition to detecting movement, this can be extended by the acoustic sensor. The threshold value of the acoustic detection can be set via Loxone Config.


A high-quality brightness sensor with a wide detection range is well suited for the implementation of brightness-dependent functions such as constant light control.

Extending the reach with acoustics

The Presence Sensor offers a wide range of possibilities:

Automatic time-out feature

With motion initially being detected, the audio sensor within the Presence Sensor can then extend the time-out automatically – even if no motion is detected.

Intuitive reactivation

If there is no detection of motion or audio within the preset period, then for up to 10 seconds after this period, the Presence Sensor will still listen out for any audio to extend the time-out (for example, a clap).

Individual thresholds

If the noise level is exceeded (adjustable in Loxone Config), the alarm output of the Presence Sensor is activated. With this, you can trigger different functions such as a notification or an alarm.

How does sound detection work?

The Presence Sensor is equipped with an acoustic sensor that detects noise and measures volume level. The volume level is transmitted to the Miniserver. The sensor does not record or analyze any sensitive information.

Planning & ​Installation

Flat, low-profile design of the Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree is suited for recessed ceiling mounting. For easiest pre-construction, the sensor is compatible in our Spot Rough-In Mount.

We recommend positioning the Presence Sensor centrally between two LED Spots RGBW Tree, planned in the typical continuous grid. As always, your sensors and spots can be easily configured with simplified tools in Loxone Config. Altogether, the use of the Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree, LED Spots RGBW and Spot-Rough-In Mount can simplify the whole pre-wiring process of any lighting installation.

Simplify pre-wiring with the Spot Rough-in Mount (10-pack)

 Specially developed for the LED Spot RGBW Tree and Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree. You can easily locate and align sensors and spots before drywall is installed – simply snap in place.

Position the sensor between LED Spots RGBW Tree

Flat, low-profile design of the Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree complements the low-profile LED Spots RGBW Tree. These spots meet the highest standards nationwide to achieve endless possibilities for lighting needs.

Presence detection for Ambient Assisted Living

Especially when older family members live alone at home, it is important for relatives to be able to check up on them unobtrusively. For this reason, specific actions can be monitored by the Presence Sensor. For example, an alarm could be triggered based on fall detection, changes in behavior, or other specified emergency situations.

Comparing technology

Presence Sensor Tree
Presence Sensor Tree Presence Sensor Air
Batteries 24V
Applications New build, in-ceiling New build, on-ceiling Retrofit Retrofit
Acoustic sensor Yes Yes No Yes
Motion sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brightness sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Award-winning Loxone Tree Technology was designed with a clear goal in mind: reduce wiring and installation effort required. Thanks to a free-form wiring topology and intuitive configuration software, Loxone Partners are able to have Loxone Tree devices up and running in record time.
The Presence Sensor Air communicates wirelessly using Loxone Air technology. It can be powered with either 24VDC or with AA batteries (life span approx. 2 years).


Can the sensor be mounted in a 68mm flush-mounted box?
No, the Presence Sensor cannot be mounted in a 68mm flush box. For easy installation, we recommend a 68mm recess in the ceiling.
How should the sensor be positioned?
We recommend positioning the Presence Sensor centrally between two LED spots. The LED spots are planned in the usual continuous grid.
Can the detection range be limited?
The detection range can be limited by means of stickers. These are included in the delivery.

What’s included?

  • 1x Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree
  • Sticker to cover the Fresnel lens to limit the detection area
  • 4x Connectors

Technical data