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Hörmann Air
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Loxone Hörmann Air is a compact interface module for the integration of Hörmann garage door operators.

  • Simplest integration of Hörmann motors
  • Plug&Play via API Connector
  • Automatic detection of the travel time of the motor
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With the new Hörmann Air product, you can integrate Hörmann motors into the home and building automation of Loxone, in a revolutionarily simple and native way. According to the Plug&Play principle, the Hörmann motors are connected to the modules in the Loxone Config via the API connector, the drives are automatically recognised and you see a great time saving during installation.

No additional hardware is required for all motors from the compatibility list! Hörmann Air only needs to be connected to the HCP interface.

  • Power supply via Hörmann drive
  • HCP 1, HCP2 (automatic recognition)
  • Hörmann HCP bus cable included


Compatible Hörmann Actuators

Actuator Protocol, compatible from Hörmann software index / date
SupraMatic E/P 4 HCP2, ab B4 / 03-2021
ProMatic 4 HCP2, ab B3 / 03-2021
SupraMatic 3 HCP1, ab Ci / 07-2013
SupraMatic HT3 HCP1, ab B0 / 07-2014
Liftronic 700-2 HCP2, ab B0 / 03-2021
Liftronic 800-2 HCP2, ab B0 / 03-2021
RollMatic 2 HCP2, ab B0 / 04-2022
LineaMatic / P / H HCP1, ab E / 07-2013
LineaMatic 2 / P 2 / H 2 HCP1, ab A / 03-2017
RotaMatic HCP1, ab G / 08-2013
RotaMatic 2 / P 2 / PL 2 HCP1, ab A / 03-2017
VersaMatic HCP1, ab A / 07-2016
Steuerung 545/560 mit WA/ITO 500 HCP2, ab B1 / 06-2021
Steuerung 560 mit STA 500 FU HCP2, ab B1 / 06-2022


Learn more about Hörmann Air in this video:

Item Includes

1x Hörmann Air
1x Connection cable
1x Folder