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Room Comfort Sensor Tree
Item no.: room-comfort-sensor-tree

The must-have for optimal indoor climate in the Smart Home!

Tree Cable
Item no.: 100344

The all-in-one cable for Tree devices - whether that’s motion sensors, switches or spots. With the new Tree Cable, we’re continuing to improve the ease-of-install of a Real Smart Home.

NFC Key Fob Set - Pack of 10
Item no.: 200318

Enjoy easy and fast access control via the NFC Code Touch with the small, rugged key fob. The NFC Key Fob is a safe and convenient way to enter your Loxone Smart Home.


Damper Tree
Item no.: damper-tree

With this simple add-on to an existing heating and cooling system, you will have a fully-fledged self-learning and easy to use room-based climate control.

Touch Surface
Item no.: touch-surface

Extraordinary control integrated directly into your home’s hard furnishings.

NFC Code Touch
Item no.: nfc-code-touch

The perfect access control solution. The NFC Code Touch for control of your door, gate, garage and alarm.

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