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Install Sub 10 Master
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The Install Sub 10 Master impresses with its outstanding audio characteristics and its numerous application possibilities. The Install Sub 10 Master enhances any master/client installation and significantly improves the sound quality of an audio installation by accurately reproducing low frequencies for a fuller and more intense sound experience. It connects directly to an audio server or Miniserver Compact via Tree Turbo and can transmit the audio signal to a chain of up to 20 client speakers. In this way, it forms a flexible audio solution that is scalable to any building size.

  • Up to 20 client speakers per master via daisy chain
  • Up to 80% less cabling thanks to simple installation
  • Line, star and tree wiring topology
  • Up to 150m cable length (Tree Turbo/Master Speaker)
  • Bluetooth for streaming audio content

Key Techinical Points:

  • Transmission range 30-100Hz
  • Installation depth: 108mm
  • Maximum panel thickness: 36mm
  • Installation diameter: 258mm
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Master/Client Technology

The innovative master/client technology reduces the cabling effort by more than 80% and enables flexible expansion and individual scaling of your audio installation. The master speaker sets the beat, the clients can be individually adjusted in volume.


The Tree-Turbo interface allows up to ten master speakers to be connected via star, line, tree or bus topology. Up to 20 client speakers can be connected to each master speaker. The cabling between master and client or from client to client must be carried out via daisy chain.


Powerful Bass & Crystal Clear Treble

The Install Sub 10 provides powerful bass and relieves the other speakers, guaranteeing a full, balanced sound. The Install Sub 10 is available as a master and client speaker. When an Install Sub 10 is added, the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) settings are automatically adjusted for an even more balanced sound experience. 


Easy Installation Wherever You Want

The Install Sub 10 Master can be mounted on ceilings, walls or even in furniture in just a few simple steps using the appropriate installation housings. Unlike the Install Speakers, the Install Sub 10 always requires a suitable installation housing.

Number of Speakers Recommendation

Item Includes

1x Install Sub 10 Master
1x front cover (black)
1x installation template
1x screws for mounting

USD 629.00
Excl. VAT
Price shown is the Loxone partner purchase price. This price does not include planning, installation and services.
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