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IR Control Air Zoom
IR Control Air
Item no.: 100141

With the Loxone IR Control Air you have your infrared devices under control from TV to HVAC and lighting!

  • Sends and receives infrared signals
  • Control multimedia devices, home appliances and much more!
  • Based on Loxone Air Radio Technology
  • Use your current infrared remote control for your smart home

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Infrared technology for your smart home

Take full control of any infrared devices in your home with the Loxone IR Control Air. You can easily control your TVs, multimedia devices, air conditioning systems and much more – all wirelessly.

Loxone IR Control Air

Integrate all your IR devices

Using simple controls and intelligent automation, you can integrate all devices with infrared sensors into your Loxone Smart Home with the Loxone IR Control Air: from your home cinema and multimedia devices to your air conditioning.

IR Control Air
Loxone IR Control Air

Total home control in your hand

Using the Loxone IR Control Air, you can turn your remote control into a smart home control unit. This means that, along with your TV remote, you’ll have a handle on your blinds, lighting and so on.

The Loxone IR Control Air in action

Movies at your fingertips

Control via App

Automate your IR devices

Your remote control

IR Control Air

Cinema within seconds

When you activate ‘movie mode’, your Smart Home will not only dim the lights, it will also switch on all of your AV devices, so all you need to do is sort the popcorn.

IR Control Air

Control your IR devices using the Loxone app

With the IR Control Air, you can control your air conditioning at your convenience, either from your home or when you’re on holiday.

IR Control Air

Automate your IR devices

In your Smart Home, the Loxone Miniserver operates the air conditioning, ventilators and other infrared devices that would otherwise have to be manually operated using a remote control.

IR Control Air

Your home, your remote control

As well as switching off the TV, you could use your TV remote control to switch off all other multimedia devices, too.

Technical data

Power Supply:

5V DC (max. 125mA) via Micro USB


90 x 49 x 14 mm / 3.5″ x 1.9″ x 0.5″


Can be mounted with Velcro tape




868MHz (SRD Band Europe), 915MHz (ISM Band Region 2)


CR2032 Lithium Battery (included)

Power Consumption:

Typ. 0.1 W

Operating temperature:

0-55°C / 32-131°F

Protection Class:


Component Requirements:

Miniserver & Air Base Extension, or Miniserver Go

Maximum relative humidity:

95% (non-condensing)

Internal IR Transmitter & Receiver (optimised for 38kHz IR signal)

4 external IR transmitter sensors & 1 external receiver sensor (optimized for 38kHz IR signal)

What’s included?

  • 1x Loxone IR Control Air
  • 1x USB power supply
  • 1x micro USB cable
  • 4x external IR twin transmitter (cable length 2m / 6.5ft) for attachment to the receiver unit
  • 1x external IR receiver (cable length 1.5m / 4.9 ft)