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Kitchen Package
Item no.: 100991

With our kitchen package, you'll have all the essentials needed to deploy most automated kitchens during a remodel. It includes components for the following functions:

  • Lighting
  • Controls
  • Security
  • Monitoring

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The Kitchen Package allows features such as:


  • Full RGBW lighting with LED Spots and Strips
  • Tunable white lighting effect
  • Presence-based
  • Presence simulation
  • Lighting moods for any occasion (“Cooking”, “Party”)
  • Operating Modes such as “Night Mode”
  • Intuitive control from a Touch switch or Loxone App
  • Forgotten lights switch off automatically


  • Intuitive Touch switches with appealing design
  • Control essential functions (lighting, music) with just a tap
  • Touch Surface (optional) control built into the countertop


  • Detect water leaks
  • Detect open windows
  • Presence-based
  • Presence simulation and Operating Modes (Night, Vacation)
  • Push notification for alerts, emergency
  • Multi-phase alarm system with delayed arming

Monitoring & more

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • System messages
  • Custom automatic rules
  • Task Recorder

Loxone App

  • Instant control and monitoring in the Loxone App
  • Accessible on any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Push notifications for alerts, emergency
  • Customize lighting moods
  • Statistics & data
Item Includes
  • 1 x Air Base
  • 1 x Window Contact White
  • 1 x Water Sensor Air
  • 1 x Touch Surface Tree
  • 1 x RGBW 24V Compact Dimmer Tree
  • 1 x Miniserver Gen2
  • 6 x LED Spot RGBW Tree
  • 1 x Spot Rough-In Mount (10-pack)
  • 2 x Touch Decor Tree
  • 1 x Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree
  • 1 x 5m LED Strip
  • 2 x Power Supply 24V, 3.67A
  • 1 x Loxone Panel by Shocker Automation (14.5 x 43 x 4 in)