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LED Ceiling Spot WW

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Put your Loxone Smart Home in the spotlight with the perfect light! The Loxone LED Mountpot combines perfect light, maximum energy efficiency, high quality and easy installation, all in one.

  • modern LED construction spots for ceilings or walls
  • 100% compatible with your Loxone SmartHome
  • for perfect color lighting
  • separate warm white LEDs for pleasant light (3,000 Kelvin)
  • Highest energy efficiency class A ++ with max. 9.4W power
  • Long service life of about 25 years
  • Available in white & anthracite colors
  • Shipping of anthracite color will start Nov. 8

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Beautiful light, fully dimmable

Whatever the room – achieve the perfect light with Loxone LED spots.
The right amount of light, adjustable to whatever the occasion.

By using the LED Spot WW Tree or the PWM variant, in conjunction with the RGBW Dimmer Air / Tree, you achieve a soft, gentle dimming curve compared to conventional dimming types.

Conventional Dimmer

Conventional dimming behaviour (DMX)
8 bit 256 steps

Loxone Dimmer

Loxone RGBW Dimmer Tree/Air
16 bit 65536 steps*

*Requirement: Use of at least Loxone Config Version 9 + Loxone RGBW Dimmer Tree / Air or Loxone LED Spot WW or RGBW Tree + Use of Smart Actuators in the lighting controller V2.

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Maximum energy efficiency

With the LED Spots WW, you can create a warm, welcoming light in your home. Thanks to the high color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin, these LED spots ensure a pleasant feel-good atmosphere. Not only that, but these expertly crafted spotlights are highly energy efficient, making them ideal for your home, and for the environment.


for warm white light


highest energy efficiency


Operating hours for a long service life


Install the LED Spot quickly and easily on the ceiling or wall. Thanks to the two mounting magnets, the spot is held securely without any visible screws.

Ceiling Spot Magnet Mount

High Quality.

We have made every effort to develop a spot that combines a timeless design with the latest LED technology. The best thermal management ensures a very long service life whilst a simple and innovative mounting system makes for hassle-free installation.

  • High-quality brand LEDs
  • Sophisticated aluminum heatsink for optimal, passive surface cooling
  • Long service life of about 25,000 hours. This results in a service life of about 25 years (based on an average daily use of 2.7 hours)
  • Diffuser for high light transmission and perfect light results
  • Acrylic lens for perfect light alignment and optimal light cone
  • Magnetic mounts for easy installation
  • Durable finish

Exclusive Color Design in White and Anthracite

Our WW Ceiling Spots are available in white and anthracite, so you can choose the one that best suits your home. You could even match your ceiling spots with the color of your Loxone Touch switches!


The LED Spots have a simple, elegant design to suit any style of home. Thanks to their luminosity, they can be used for lighting throughout the home, even in large rooms.

How Many LED Spots Do You Need?

It is important to install the correct number of LED spots suitable to the room size to get the maximum benefit of our smart lighting. In a basic room configuration, we recommend the following number of LED spots based on square footage:

50 ft²
500 ft²


* for this guideline we are working to a ceiling height of 8.5ft and a light level intensity for basic lighting at table height (200 lux for warm white light)

The right technology for every home

Tree Ceiling Spots

LED Ceiling Spot WW TREE

Enjoy maximum flexibility with minimum wiring effort with the LED Spot Tree. There’s no need for an additional dimmer as Loxone Tree technology is built into every spot. The spots are powered via 24V and controlled via Loxone Tree technology, which means that you can easily create and adjust groups of Spots via Loxone Config. Up to 50 LED Spot Trees can be wired per branch of the Loxone Tree Extension.


The Loxone LED Spots are powered via 24V. Combine them with our RGBW 24V dimmer Air or Tree to enjoy seamless dimming as part of your lighting moods. With one 24V Dimmer, you can control up to 5 LED Ceiling Spots.

Loxone RGBW Dimmer

Works perfectly with Loxone RGBW Dimmer Tree / Air

The RGBW Dimmer Tree / Air has been specially developed for our lighting products.
By using the RGBW dimmer from Loxone, we guarantee a 100% smooth integration into your Loxone Smart Home.

Differences in the variants

Type Ceiling Spot WW PWM Ceiling Spot WW Tree Spot WW PWM Spot WW Tree
Color temperature 3000 Kelvin Warm White
Energy efficiency class A++
Light output 804 Lumen 804 Lumen 450 Lumen 495 Lumen
Dimming 10…100%
Power max. 9,4W max. 9,4W max. 4W max. 5,5W
Power Supply 24VDC (-10%…+5%)
Reverse voltage protection  
Flexible (wired) (wired)
Can be grouped (Hardware) (Software) (Hardware) (Software)
Beam angle 60° 60° 38°  38°
Dimensions D= 80mm (3.15″) H= 60mm (2.36″) D= 80mm (3.15″) H= 60mm (2.36″) Depth = 60mm (2.36″) Installation depth = 68…72mm (1.49″…2.83″) Depth = 60mm (2.36″) Installation depth = 68…72mm (1.49″…2.83″)
Shop RGBW Dimmer Air/Tree Tree Extension RGBW Dimmer Air/Tree Tree Extension

Technical details


LED Ceiling Spot WW PWM/Tree
Protection class IP20
 Color Rendering Index (CRI) Ra 80 (Typ. 82)
Operating temperature 0°C…50°C (32°F…122°F)
Surface temperature  60°C / 140°F (at room temperature)
 Relative humidity 95% r.H.
Eulum Data  Download
Loxone LED Spots Operation is allowed only through a connection with a SELV source.
Loxone LED Spots Light unit suitable for mounting in or on normally flammable surfaces. The luminaire shall under no circumstances be covered with insulating matting or similar material.

Included in delivery

  • 1x LED Ceiling Spot WW
  • 1x fixing screws