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Lighting Package
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This exclusive lighting package is ideal for getting to grips with our lighting products and discovering the power of Auto Configuration in Loxone Config!

  • Available only to Loxone Partners
  • Save over 45% compared to the list price of the included products
  • Designed for quick and simple configuration using the Auto Configuration feature in Loxone Config
  • Create incredible lighting functions simply and quickly 

1 package per company

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Price shown is the Loxone partner purchase price. This price does not include planning, installation and services.
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Unlock the potential of Tree lighting with Loxone

This exclusive package for Loxone Partners includes everything you need to create incredible smart lighting in mere minutes. These products have been handpicked for powerful functionality and quick configuration. Thanks to our Auto Configure feature in Loxone Config, you really can configure them at the press of one button.

Lighting Package

for Loxone Partners


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What’s inside?

1x Motion Sensor Tree (White)
1x Touch Tree (White)
1x LED Spot WW Tree
1x LED Spot RGBW Tree
1x LED Ceiling Spot WW Tree
1x LED Ceiling Spot RGBW Tree

This great-value package is only available to purchase once per Partner, so be sure to snap up yours today!

Lighting made beautifully simple

With the components included in this package, you can experience the power and simplicity of lighting with Loxone Tree.

Colorful. Personal.

The RGBW Tree spotlights are the ideal choice for customers looking to create colorful lighting moods in their home that they can adjust and personalize through the app.

The package contains both our flush-mounted spots and our striking ceiling spots for those looking to make a bold design statement with their lighting.

100% compatible

Forget fretting about compatibility – all of our products are designed in-house, so you can relax in the knowledge that by using Loxone Tree products, you’re giving your customers a powerful, reliable, smart home solution that can be adjusted and expanded in future.

Individually addressable

The great thing about Loxone Tree Spots? They’re individually addressable. This means that your customers can enjoy additional flexibility in their lighting design. If the layout or use of a room changes over time, the lighting setup can change with it. Fuss-free future-proofing at its finest!

The all-in-one cable for Tree!

To improve on the efficiency of installing Loxone Tree Technology, we’ve released the Tree Cable – a single cable that handles both the communication and supplying of power for all Tree devices! Take a look for yourself…

Save more than 45%

This is a great opportunity to get your hands on our Tree spots, familiarize yourself with Auto Config and save yourself a little money along the way. What’s not to like?

USD 738.00
Excl. VAT
Price shown is the Loxone partner purchase price. This price does not include planning, installation and services.
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