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Miniserver Go
Item no.: 100139

The Miniserver Go is the intelligent core of the Loxone Air Solution and is ideal for renovating smart homes and commercial buildings:

  • perfect for retrofitters 
  • unbeatable value 
  • can be placed anywhere 
  • no more need to run wires 
  • controls up to 128 Air components 
  • ETL Listed

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Miniserver Go

Miniserver Go:
the core of automation for
Loxone Air solutions

Loxone connects all components in the smart home or commercial building, similar to the human nervous system. Just like our original Miniserver communication, all information gets received by the Loxone Miniserver Go. The difference is that the Miniserver Go is designed with renovations in mind, made only with our wireless Air technology. Any Loxone Air component can be connected directly without any wiring. Through these reliable interactions, the Miniserver Go can anticipate your needs and create an unmatched comfort within the building.

The forward-thinking main brain

Air technology opens the opportunity for expansion projects – just one way the Miniserver Go serves as a future-proof solution.

Interfaces include:
  • Loxone Link
  • SD card slot
  • LAN interface
  • Power supply 5VDC (USB)
  • Integrated Air Base Extension

Loxone Air Technology

Best smart home & business solution for renovations

Our specially design Air technology opens the opportunities for expansion. The Miniserver Go can connect to and learn up to 128 Loxone Air components. If more components are needed for any installation, you can pair the Miniserver Go with an Air Base Extension. Wherever cabling is no longer possible, Loxone Air technology is your ideal solution.


Fully encrypted communication

Minimal energy consumption


Flexible & expandable

The Miniserver Go can be extended individually via Loxone Link interface – up to 30 extensions can be connected. This makes an all-around solution for private homes or even commercial projects.

Loxone offers a complete solution that supports numerous technologies to offer a unique and unmatched experience in homes and businesses. We specially designed both Tree and Air technology for a truly future-proof solution that can take on a range of projects.

Loxone Config

Our powerful software is just the tool you need for an easy, reliable Loxone installation. It helps you configure an extensively automated project in just a few hours.

Loxone Apps

Instantly control any smart home function with our free Loxone Smart Home App for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and MacOS.



Loxone upholds to the highest quality standards. This product is tested by OSHA’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program. Similar to the UL certificate, the NRTL certificate guarantees that our products exceed the requirement of electrical standards throughout the US. 

What’s included?

1x Loxone Miniserver Go
1x USB power supply with three country adapters
1x USB A to Mico B cable (power only)
1x Network cable
1x 4GB Micro SD card included (Please only use SD cards from Loxone)