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Miniserver Go

Item no.: 100139

The Miniserver Go is the intelligent core of the Loxone Air Solution and is ideal for retrofit smart homes:

  • perfect for retrofitters 
  • unbeatable value 
  • can be placed anywhere 
  • no more need to run wires 
  • controls up to 128 Air components 

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The brain of the Loxone Smart Home

Also known as the little green Loxone Miniserver, it is the core of each and every Loxone Smart Home function. The Miniserver brings together everything from simple switches to more complex systems such as PV inverters. Everything is centrally managed, simple to use and affordable, too.

Miniserver Go

Flexible & expandable

The Miniserver Go can communicate via Loxone Air technology, as well as via Ethernet connection and Loxone Link. It’s easily expandable and can grow with your home.

Loxone Air


Loxone Air

Thanks to our specially developed Loxone Air technology, you can expand the functionality of your smart home without the need for cables and wires. Perfect for retrofitting in properties where pulling wires is not a possibility.

Mesh technology

Every Loxone Air device acts like a repeater and extends the range of the wireless network.

Low energy consumption

Loxone Air products consume very little energy when in use. 


Loxone Air devices can send, receive and acknowledge radio signals, making Loxone Air very reliable to address components individually.


The Loxone Minsierver Go can be connected to your home network, and can also be integrated with network-enabled devices such as a photovoltaic system, TV, stereo, Loxone Music Server & more.

Solar Panel House Music

Place anywhere in the home

You can place your Miniserver Go wherever you like, from the sideboard next to your router or even mounted to the wall using the integrated wall bracket.

Miniserver Go Mounted Everywhere

Free software & updates

Software mockup
Loxone app & web interface

All Loxone software, including our Loxone Config and Loxone Smart Home App for iOS and Android, are free of charge. Regular updates are free too.

Loxone Config

The most powerful software solution you’ll find for configuring a smart home. Our free Loxone Config makes it easy to configure each room with simple clicks and drags.

Loxone Mailer Service

Receive updates about your home in real time via email.

Loxone DNS Service

Enjoy remote access to your Loxone Smart Home at no additional cost.

Loxone OS

The world’s first and most powerful smart home operating system

Chat Bubbles
Advice & Support

Free initial consultation for your smart home project and free technical support.

No additional programming!

With Loxone Config, there’s no need to have any programming knowledge. The configuration software
really is that easy to use to use.

Loxone Config

Certified by NRTL

Loxone upholds to the highest quality standards for the products we offer. Therefore our Miniserver Go is tested by OSHA’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program. Similar to the UL certificate, the NRTL certificate guarantees that our products exceeds the requirement of electrical standards throughout the US. Be assured that you are receiving the best quality products that meet the highest safety standards.

Professionally installed

We recommend that the Miniserver Go is installed by a certified Loxone Partner. Our Partners have been thoroughly trained by us and are Loxone Smart Home experts. Contact a Loxone Partner in your area now.

Loxone partner

Technical data

Power supply:

5V DC (via Micro USB Connector)


868MHz (SRD Band Europe) / 915MHz (ISM Band Region 2)

Dimesions (WxHxD):

90 x 90 x 20mm (3.54″ x 3.54″ x .79″)

Loxone Link for connecting to Loxone Extensions

LAN port

Fully integrated Air Base Extension with internal antenna

Loxone OS operating system with integrated web server

Compact design for wall mounting


ETL listed & conforms to: UL Std. 60950-1, CSA Std. C22.2 No. 60950-1

What’s included?

  • 1x Loxone Miniserver Go
  • 1x USB power supply
  • 1x USB to micro USB cable (for powering purposes)
  • 1x Network cable