NFC Code Touch Air Anthracite Zoom
NFC Code Touch Air Anthracite
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Access is KEY to every building. Control and monitor your doors and gates – from anywhere with ease.

  • Simple, risk-free, keyless access solution for homes, businesses, and commercial buildings.
  • Powerful user management that also works across different locations – opens the right door, to the right person, at the right time.
  • Perfect overview of the wide range of entries.
  • Designed for creativity – What do you need to lock? Implement any idea easily.


  • Access via codes, NFC tags or keyfobs
  • Assignment of time-limited and one-time codes
  • Control via the Loxone App
  • Numeric keypad with NFC reader, doorbell button and status LED
  • Dimensions: 90 × 90 × 15 mm
  • Enables installation without a flush-mounted box
  • Covered with high-quality tempered glass (meaning no fingerprint smudges)
  • Straightforward installation and commissioning by trained Loxone installation Partners
  • In addition to access the NFC Code Touch can be used for clocking working time and the management of this, lockers, billing (for car charging, canteen, break areas…), logging and tracking (overview of entrances and exits) and much more
  • In combination with the Loxone Intercom and mounting frames, it makes for the perfect building access system
  • Protection Class IP44 - perfect for outdoor use. The NFC Code Touch Anthracite is not suitable for locations exposed to direct sunlight.
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A reliable and safe solution for any building

It stands out in terms of its impressive function and elegant appearance, as an addition to any entrance, whether for the house as the front door, to the garage, for the gate or for a locker system at work, these are just a few of the many applications for the NFC Code Touch.

Adapts to any situation

Whatever you want it to secure... It can do it through its great adaptability. An NFC Code Touch, along with the free Loxone software, turns into a complete, feature-rich access control system:

For houses and residential buildings

  • Temporary or one-time codes for neighbors or letter carriers when you are not at home.
  • Lost your keyfob? - No problem! Delete and add keyfobs quickly and easily in the app.
  • Number prefix to start certain actions
  • Versatile use, e.g. to open the pool cover to protect your children.
  • And much more.

For commercial buildings

  • Complete and simple user management for the entire company.
  • Every employee gets exactly (and only) where they need to be.
  • Internal billing for food, snacks or drinks consumed in your company.
  • Easily implement lockers in your company (or for sports facilities, gyms, etc.)
  • Access and billing system for 24/7 self-service areas such as gyms, non-stop supermarkets, etc.
  • And much more.

For hotels & restaurants

  • Easy creation of time-limited codes for guests.
  • Self Check-in
  • Notification when the guest has successfully entered the Airbnb accommodation.
  • Simple access management, so every guest only has access where they should!
  • With the NFC code touch, you can easily implement the rental of bicycles or skis. Simple implementation and billing are guaranteed
  • And much more.


A gamechanger for companies and hotels: Loxone TRUST

The Trust feature enables easy and efficient access management across sites. Assign permissions to employees for multiple locations at the same time. Whether it's offices, hotels, industrial halls or warehouses.


Clear keyboard – flexible access

Access by entering a code or via the NFC reader


  • Each user has their own code (a combination of 2-8 numbers)
  • Possibility to easily create one-time codes - based on a specific time interval or operating hours

NFC tags/keyfobs

  • Each user is assigned a fob
  • Easily add, configure and remove keyfobs.

With both you can achieve two-factor authentication.

In the Loxone app you have an overview, management and usage history of codes, tags and keyfobs in one place. It also enables remote access to your access solution. With both, you'll achieve two-factor authentication



Even more powerful when combined with other Loxone products

  • Alongside a Loxone Intercom = a stylish and versatile access panel (using mounting frame) supported by additional features such as logging who has stood in front of the entrance and when.
  • With a Power Supply & Backup = means access is still fully up and running even during power outages.
  • With an alarm = Alarm authentication.
  • With the Loxone Wallbox = Selecting the charging mode and using it as the billing system (user consumption monitoring).

Entering the code can also trigger a whole chain of actions and functions in your home, such as turning on the right lighting, turning on the music, etc.

Which version is most suitable?

The NFC Code Touch is high-quality, durable and weather-resistant. It is covered with stylish tempered glass that is not fingerprint prone. Convenient use is enhanced by programmable status LEDs and audible button feedback.

Trained Loxone Partners can get the product up and running in a matter of minutes. It is available in three variants:


  NFC Code Touch Tree NFC Code Touch Air (On battery) NFC Code Touch Air
(24V Power Supply)
NFC Code Touch for Nano
LED backlight grün Not permanent grün grün
Configurable status LEDs grün Not permanent grün grün
NFC grün grün grün grün
Item Includes

1x NFC Code Touch
1x NFC Sticker
1x NFC Tag
1x Plastic Mounting Frame
1x Splash Water Protection Film
2x AAA Batteries