Panel Wire Orange/White Zoom
Panel Wire Orange/White
Item no.: 200301

Panel wires for building the panel

  • Quick and easy wiring of Loxone components in the panel
  • Adapted coloring to different Loxone technologies
  • Twisted for perfect distribution
  • Solid-core, no ferrules necessary
  • Total length 100m / 328ft
  • 2x0,6mm / 0.07x0.02"
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Does not include programming and installation by a certified Loxone Partner.
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The panel wires are adapted for building a distribution cabinet in the Loxone Smart Home. Thanks to the twisting and solid-core completion, no ferrules are necessary. Additionally, you'll save time.

The coloring is adapted to the different Loxone technologies and makes wiring a further step easier. We recommend:

  • orange/white for 24V power supply

This way the colors of the terminals and wires are the same. You will avoid a wrong wiring. For the professional installation, we recommend you use the Loxone Tool Kit.

Technical Details
  • Conductor diameter: 2x0,6mm / 0.07x0.02"
  • Conductor class: Class 1 = solid core
  • Nominal voltage: up to 25V
  • Number of wires: 2
  • Wire isolation: PVC
  • Copper weight: 0.56kg/100m; 1.23lbs/328ft
  • Admissible Temperature Range for loose wire: -5...50°C / 23...122°F
  • Admissible Temperature Range for secured wire: -40...70°C / -40...158°F
  • Not for use outdoors

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200300, 200301, 200302 Panel Wire

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Item Includes
  • 100m / 328ft Panel Wire 2x0,6mm / 0.07x0.02"