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Rain Sensor 24V

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 The rain sensor 24V responds to rain and snow and based upon the setting sensitivity will also detect fog.

The rain sensor is delivered in a robust enclosure and can be utilized for the following applications:

  • sensing of rain or snow
  • sensing of fog, based on sensitivity setting
  • with automatically connecting- heating to icing and condensation
  • controlling of motorized vents, skylights and awnings
  • stable housing for outdoor installation
  • designed for permanent use in all devices with a 24V digital input
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The rain sensor detects and reacts to rain and snow and based upon the setting sensitivity will also detect fog. In addition, the rain sensor has an automatic connecting-PTC heater to icing and condensation. The heater is activated depending on the outside temperature. When the outdoor temperature is less than 37° F, the heating is automatically activated. At temperatures above 37° F and no precipitation, the heating is off. To conserve power.

The rain sensor is contained in strong housing suitable for outdoor use. It has many uses:

  • Detection of rain or snow 
  • Depending on sensitivity setting - detection of fog
  • Controlling of motorized vents, motorized skylights or motorized awnings
  • Designed for long term use with the Loxone Miniserver or Extension
  • Designed for use with any device with digital 24V inputs
Technical Details
  • Operating voltage 24VDC ± 20%
  • Power consumption:
    • about 16 mA at 24V without heating
    • OC (PNP) Output: about 30mA at 24V, short circuit protected, active high
    • Heating current about 30mA at 24V
  • Measuring method: electrolytic ac voltage measurement
  • Housing: ABS, protection IP54

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Item Includes
  • 1 x 24V Rain Sensor
  • 1 x Datasheet
$ 79.00
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