RGBW Led Streifen 5m IP68 Zoom
RGBW LED Strip 5m IP68 (Waterproof)
Item no.: 200100

The RGBW LED strips provide colorful accents and brightness for optimal lighting in your home.

  • Bright and highly energy efficient LEDs
  • Low power consumption
  • Can be divided and extended
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Unique accent lighting with LED Strips

Indoor or outdoors, RGBW LEDs are a crowd pleaser in a variety of places including shelves, cabinets, on the stairs and especially with ceiling moldings. RGBW lighting can add dramatic effect and interest to creative spaces like your garden.

Collage rooms with RGBW lighting
Combined For More Colour

Infinite color

Our LED Strip is fitted with 300 LED chips along its 5m / 16.4 ft length (a better option than the usual 150 chips found in other strips). It combines RGB and warm white together into one chip.

Powerful light

Powerful light

Even when used as indirect lighting, our LED Strips give off plenty of light. Our LED Strip has the following Lumens values at 5 meters / 16.4ft:

Red 600 – 800 Lm
Green 650 – 1,100 Lm
Blue 300 – 550 Lm
Warm white 1,600 – 2,000 Lm

Low energy consumption

The Loxone RGBW LED Strip consumes only 86 Watts at 5 meters / 16.4ft in length. A single channel at full luminosity is only 20 Watts (Red) to 23 Watts (Green).

Low Energy Consumption
RGBW Install

Easy to install

You can put down the soldering iron. The RGBW LED Strip has two connectors to extend it. In addition to the cables, ferrules are now attached to save time when installing.

Special tip: The Loxone RGBW LED Strips can now be cut every 10cm / 3.9″ (6 LEDs).

Levels of protection – RGBW LED Strip

Not protected – IP 20

Ideal for installing in the living room.

Waterproof – IP 68

Perfect for gardens and pools.

Splashproof – IP 65

Great for kitchens.

Technical data


200098, 200099, 200100 LED Strip RGBW

Product Datasheet Folder Declaration of conformity

What’s included?

RGBW LED Strip – IP 20

1x 5m LED Strip
2x LED Strip connector
2x Cable connector

RGBW LED Strip – IP 65

1x 5m LED Strip
2x LED Strip connector
2x Cable connector

RGBW LED Strip – IP 68

1x 5m LED Strip