Room Comfort Sensor Tree white Zoom
Room Comfort Sensor Tree White
Item no.: 100276

The must-have sensor for optimum indoor climate in any home or building. It precisely measures temperature, humidity, and CO2 and passes this information on to the building for ideal room climate around the clock.

  • Accurately measures temperature, humidity, and CO2
  • Must-have for optimized room climate
  • 100% developed for the Loxone system
  • Installation and commissioning in record time
  • Timeless, simple design
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Temperature & humidity monitoring

The Room Comfort Sensor Air has built-in temperature and humidity sensors. With these precisely measured values, you can automate your room climate in no time at all.

With the Room Comfort Sensor integrated anywhere in the building, you can experience a new level of well-being and efficient control of comfortable temperature and air quality.

Item Includes
  • 1x Room Comfort Sensor Tree
  • 1x Frame for wall mounting
  • 1x Wallmount