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Room Comfort Sensor Air
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The must-have product for optimum indoor climate in your smart home, the Room Comfort Sensor Air. It precisely measures temperature and humidity, and then passes this information on to the smart home for perfect room climate in any room at any time.

  • accurately measures temperature and humidity
  • choose between free-standing or wall-mounted
  • 100% developed for the Loxone Smart Home
  • quick & easy installation
  • timeless, simple design

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The must-have product for smart home control

In our homes, a comfortable temperature combined with good air quality – collectively known as room climate – has a significant influence on our well-being. If temperature, humidity, and air quality are not at optimal levels it can affect our health.

With the Room Comfort Sensor, the Loxone Smart Home can automatically measure room climate levels – temperature, humidity, CO2. It reacts to these levels and adjusts your environment, ensuring that the climate is each room in your home is just right. Every second of the day.

*Requires at least V10 of Loxone Config and App

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Make every room comfortable

Place the indoor climate sensor in frequently used rooms like the below:

Perfekt für alle Aufenthalts-

Platzieren Sie den Raumklima Sensor überall dort, wo Sie sich häufig aufhalten und eine Lüftung zum Einsatz kommt. Wie zum Beispiel:

An ideal room climate is a no-brainer for high concentration while at work.

Proper air quality and comfortable temperature helps to improve sleep.

After showering, the smart home knows how to automatically regulate temperature and humidity to get rid of steam.

Blends into the home

No matter where you place the sensor, it will operate discreetly in the background.

Full app support

The sensor will monitor different values in your Loxone Smart Home to provide the perfect climate for you all day long. But if you come home earlier – or want to make adjustments for any reason – you can still control everything from your smartphone or tablet at any time.

*Full app support requires Config and App V10

Ready in record time

Loxone Tree

The award-winning Loxone Tree Technology was designed with a clear goal in mind: reduce the cable and effort required for all the peripheral devices that make up a Real Smart Home. Thanks to a free-form wiring topology, the commissioning of Loxone Tree is efficient and effective. All Tree devices can be paired in no time at all. If the installation presents the opportunity to pull cables, then the Tree variant is the way to go. Great for new construction projects.

Loxone Air

Loxone Air is a purpose-developed wireless technology that allows for the incorporation of Real Smart Home functionality within existing homes – whether it’s a refurbishment or renovation. For those installations that may not present the chance to pull a cable, Air technology takes care of the wireless communication for intelligent automation and control. Perfect for retrofitting and renovation projects.

Comparing technology

Temperature monitoringYesYes
Humidity monitoringYesYes
 CO2 monitoringYesNo
Power supply24VDC SELVBattery (2x 1.5V AAA) or 24VDC SELV


Technical data

Power supply9…28VDC SELV 9…28VDC SELV or r 2x 1.5V AAA battery
Power consumption

power supply
typ. 150mW
max. 160mW

typ. 0,02mW
max. 50mW
power supply
typ. 65mW
max. 85mW

Battery lifeapprox. 2 years
Measuring range temperature-40…257°F (-40…125°C)-40…257°F (-40…125°C)
Measuring range humidity

0…100% r. h. (non-condensing)

0…100% r. h. (non-condensing)

Measuring range CO2400ppm – 10.000ppm
+/- 80ppm
Ambient temperature-4…131°F (-20…55°C)-4…131°F (-20…55°C)

868MHz (SRD band Europe)

915MHz (ISM band region 2)

Protection classIP20IP20

2.15in x 2.15in x .7in without frame
3.15in x 3.15in x .7in with frame

55mm x 55mm x 18mm without frame
80mm x 80mm x 18mm with frame

2.15in x 2.15in x .7in without frame
3.15in x 3.15in x .7in with frame

55mm x 55mm x 18mm without frame
80mm x 80mm x 18mm with frame

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What’s included?

Tree Version

  • 1x Room Comfort Sensor Tree
  • 1x 1-fold frame
  • 1x wall mount

Air Version

  • 1x Room Comfort Sensor Air
  • 1x stand
  • 1x 1-fold frame
  • 1x wall mount
  • 2x AAA batteries