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Loxone Speaker Back Box
Item no.: 200150

Enjoy incredible sound from your multi-room audio system by installing this back box during your build. 

  • Simple to use: The transparent box for simple and straightforward assembly .

  • Stable Install:  Two intermediate rings and a distance of 30mm (1.18"), ensure a stable mounting.

  • Ideal for concrete: screws included for a sleek, secure fit.

  • Maximum sound quality:  The perfect companion for your Loxone speakers.

  • Very good resonance: 7.2 litre
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Enjoy incredible sound from your multi-room audio system by installing this back box during your build. The benefits of using a back box include:

  • Simple to use: The transparency of the box ensures that alignment and assembly is simple and straightforward. .

  • Stable Install: Thanks to two intermediate rings and a distance of 30mm (1.18"), the back box can be sufficiently enclosed by concrete, ensuring its stability if ceiling mounted.

  • For exposed concrete or lined concrete: Are you planning a home with an exposed concreate ceiliing?  In a Ortbetondecke we recommend the enclosed nails to fasten through the middle pre-punched holes. When using disguised concrete you can use the four outer holes. 

  • For onsite and ready mixed concrete: Whether you pour the concrete on site, or have your ceiling finish delivered, the Loxone speaker back box is the ideal solution for enjoying maximum sound quality. The wood panel supplied ensures that a stable mounting in the concrete.


Important: Remember the cable conduit towards the Loxone speaker back box!


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Technical Details
  • Ø outlet: 210 mm (8.27") (approx.)
  • Mounting depth: 110 mm (4.33") (with 1 extension tube)
  • Conduit entries: 2x M20, 2x M25
  • Size: 310 x 310 mm (12.20" x 12.20")
  • Material: Polycarbonate, halogen-free

200150 Loxone Speaker Back Box

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Item Includes
  • 1x Loxone Speaker Backbox
  • 4x Screws