Temperatur & Humidity Sensor Zoom
Temperature, Humidity & DI Sensor Air
Item no.: 100149

The wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air allows for reliable measurements of the temperature and humidity in your home. The two digital inputs make it possible to conect other sensors where separate wiring isn't ideal. Perfect for retrofitting!

  • 2 digital inputs
  • Reliable measurement of humidity and temperature
  • Wireless Air technology means it can be placed anywhere
  • Perfect for retrofitting
  • Battery powered
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The wireless room sensor with integrated Loxone Air technology and two digital inputs allows you to take reliable measurements of the temperature and humidity in your rooms. The sensor is perfect for retrofitting as it's easy to install (using adhesive strips or screws) and can be used anywhere.

Integration into your Smart Home is easy, since you can link the sensor to buttons or reed switches using the two digital inputs (3V)

You can even set it up so that your Loxone Smart Home will reliably inform you when the battery is running out. You can view the current battery status as a percentage in the Loxone App.

A capacitive sensor is used to measure the humidity and the temperature is measured using a bandgap sensor.

The Garage – a case study

This product is ideal if you want to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity levels in your garage. But what if you also wanted to keep tabs on when your garage door is opened? If installing a separate door contact isn't practical, you can use the digital inputs to link a door contact up to the Temperature & Humidity Sensor Air. This makes it possible for your Loxone Smart Home to receive information about the status of your garage door.

Technical Details
  • Energy supply: 3V using 2x AAA batteries
  • Measuring temperature & humidity
  • Wireless connection to the Miniserver Go or the Air Base Extension via Loxone Air technology (integrated antenna)
  • Frequency:
    • 868Mhz (SRD Europe)
    • 915MHz (ISM band region 2)
  • On-board microprocessor
  • Dimensions: 71 x 71 x 27 mm / 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.06 in
  • Operating temperature: -4...158°F
  • 2x 3V digital inputs for buttons and reed switches
  • Protection class: IP20

100149 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air


Item Includes
  • 1x Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • 2x AAA batteries