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Timeless design, revolutionary control

For the designer smart home, our popular Touch switch is also available in an elegant, frameless design with a sensitive, high-quality real glass surface. Your basic needs for lighting, shading and central functions in your smart home can be controlled with a gentle touch.


iF Design Award 2019 Winner of the iF Design Award 2019

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Award-winning design

Made for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Meticulously designed and crafted, our Pure product range meets the highest standards. The Loxone Touch Pure wins an iF Design Award 2019 in the Building Technology category! This award is given to the very best of international design, decided by a jury of 67 design experts from around the world.

glass surface

The surface of the Touch pure is made from the high-quality glass and imprinted for a satin finish – an incredibly smooth feel without the fingerprints.

Pure luxury

With the perfect blend of contemporary aesthetics and intelligent technology,
an unmatched living comfort is created. The Touch Pure was carefully
crafted to be frameless with no moving parts and with an invisible
mounting mechanism.

Interior design
in mind

With its slim design, sleek feel and expertly engineered lines, the Touch Pure lends itself to beautiful homes, complementing rather than competing with your interior design.

3D-printed for
depth in design

The corners of the Touch Pure have been specially printed to ensure a three-dimensional effect of the glass surface. This discreetly and clearly defines each of the five Touch points while retaining the timeless elegance of a completely smooth surface.

Smart home control you rarely need to use

We invested a lot of time and effort into the development of the Loxone Touch. The result is a sophisticated switch with classic elegance on the outside and cutting-edge technology within. We recommend our Switch Standard for configuring your Touch Pure: use the central Touch point for lighting control and the corner Touch points for blinds and music.

PS: If you touch the switch with your whole hand, the central touch point will activate. As usual, double-click functionality is also built into the Touch Pure.

Focus on function

The Touch Pure is multifaceted, not just in terms of design, but when it comes to functionality: in addition to its main function as a control element, this clever little switch has a temperature and humidity sensor built in.

Backlight with
style & function

The Touch Pure Tree has a built-in LED light at the bottom of the switch. (Please note that this function is disabled for the Touch Pure Air). This discreet LED casts a soft warm white glow against the wall and  is especially useful for guidance at night – whether that’s as emergency lighting toward an exit, or just safe passage to the fridge for a midnight snack.

Technology for any installation

Thanks to the specially developed Loxone Air and Tree technology,
the Loxone Touch Pure can be installed and commissioned in just a few minutes.
Learn more about Tree and Air:

Loxone Tree

The Loxone Touch Pure Tree and all other Tree products work perfectly together. Thanks to the flexible wiring topology of Loxone Tree, installation and configuration is quick and straightforward.

Loxone Air

Loxone Air is our own wireless technology, designed to offer homeowners the power of Loxone without the wires. It’s perfect for all retrofitters and renovators.

How do Tree and Air compare?

Loxone Touch Pure TreeLoxone Touch Pure Air
 Suitable For:New BuildsRetrofitting
 Power Supply:24VDC SELVBattery (CR2450)
 Temperatur & Humidity Sensor:YesYes
 Click Feedback:YesYes
Orientation Light:YesNo

Technical data


Power Supply:9 – 28VDCBattery
Power Consumption:24VDC – 115mWStandby: 75µW (25µA)
Einsatz: 36mW (12mA)
Temperature Sensor:According to Band Gap PrincipleAccording to Band Gap Principle
Humidity Sensor:On a Capacitive BasisOn a Capacitive Basis

868MHz (SRD band Europe)

915MHz (ISM Band Regio 2)

Battery Life:>2 Years

ETL listed

Safety rating: IP20

Conforms to: UL Std. 60950-1,
CSA Std. C22.2 No. 60950-1

ETL listed

Safety rating: IP20

Conforms to:
UL Std. 60950-1,
CSA Std. C22.2 No. 60950-1

Operating Temperature:32 – 131°F / 0 – 55°C32 – 131°F / 0 – 55°C
Relative Humidity:95% r.H.95% r.H.
Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5in / 90x90mm3.5 x 3.5in / 90x90mm
Cable Cross-section23 – 18AWG / 0.25mm²…0.8mm²
 DocumentationTouch TreeTouch Air


What’s included?

Touch Pure Tree
1x Touch Pure Tree

Touch Pure Air
1x Touch Pure Air
1x Battery (CR2450)