Touch Square Tree Anthracite Zoom
Touch Square Tree Anthracite
Item no.: 100222

This capacitive Touch Square control switch has five touch points for essential functions and built-in humidity and temperature sensor. With the Loxone Touch Square, you can control any room with just one compact control element.

  • Capacitive touch surface
  • 5 touch zones
  • Compact design
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor
  • Click Feedback
  • Easy to integrate
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 The simplest way to control your smart home

With our Touch Square, you can enjoy simplified smart home control. The surface of the Touch Square is quick to respond, and with just a tap on one of its five Touch points, you can control your lighting, blinds, music and more. For optimal room climate control, it even includes an integrated temperature and humidity sensor (excluding Nano variant).

Stellantrieb Air Regelung

Five Touch points

The Touch Square has five Touch points, which can be configured according to your needs. According to our Loxone Switch Standard, the large central touch point is ideal for controlling lighting and the corner points are best used for controlling music and blinds.

Double- & triple-tap

The Touch Square also supports double- and triple-tap functions, in line with the Loxone Standard. A double-tap can turn off the lights in the room while the triple-tap will turn off everything in the home.

Whole hand tap

Touching multiple zones at once, or touching the switch with your whole hand automatically triggers the central touch zone only. Each corner of the Touch Square is indented so that each zone can be easily distinguished.

Stellantrieb Air Regelung

Temperature & humidity sensor

The built-in temperature and humidity sensor allows your Loxone Smart Home to react to changes in temperature and humidity levels automatically. This keeps rooms comfortable no matter the weather or season. (Not included in Nano variant).

Easily integrated into the smart home

1. Power Up

Touch Square Tree: We recommend a separate power supply for powering the sensor.

Touch Square Air: Insert battery

2. Search

Open Loxone Config and connect to the Loxone Miniserver. Click on the Tree or Air Extension and look for the Touch Square in the Tree or Air Monitor. Click, name, insert.

3. Configure

Lighting, shading, music – configure the Touch Square according to your wishes or use Auto Configure to configure your Touch to our recommendation. Read about the Loxone Switch Standard & Recommendations.

Removable frame

Measuring just 2.17 x 2.17 in (55 x 55mm), you can choose to remove the Loxone Touch from its frame. It can be used in combination with other switch frames, such as the Gira e2.

Touch Pure for timeless luxury 

Discover the future-proof Touch Pure with its timeless design and multifaceted functionality. The exclusive Loxone Touch Pure has an integrated backlight for lighting effect and orientation.

 Installation and configuration

The right technology for every application. Thanks to the Loxone Air and Tree technology, the Touch Square is installed and commissioned in just a few minutes. The Touch Square available in the following variants:

Loxone Tree

The Touch Square Tree and all other Tree products are “plug & play” and work perfectly with all Loxone components. Thanks to the flexible wiring, commissioning is completed in just a few moments. Ideal for new builds.

Loxone Air

Especially for those who want to bring more intelligence and living comfort into their existing four walls, we have developed our own wireless technology. Loxone Air is best suited for renovations.

Comparing technology

Touch Square Tree Touch Square Air Touch Square for Nano
 Best suited for New buildings Retrofit/renovation Retrofit/renovation
Power supply 24VDC SELV Battery (CR2450) via Nano
 Temperature & Humidity sensor Yes Yes No
 T5-Standard Yes Yes Yes
 Click feedback Yes Yes Yes
When using other switch programs, note that the Touch Square is a matte, white surface. There may possibly be color differences when using other frames. We recommend using matte white frames.

* Please note that the closed housing of the Touch Square Air can delay measurements of ambient humidity. For fast detection of changes in ambient humidity (eg. for ventilation control in the bathroom), we recommend a sensor with an open housing design such as the Loxone Temperature & Humidity Sensor Air.

What’s included?

Touch Square Tree
1x Touch Square Tree
includes frame
Touch Square Air
1x Touch Square Air
includes frame
1x CR2450 lithium battery

Touch for Nano
1x Touch Square for Nano
includes frame